What Should You Consider When Buying A Ping Pong Table?

Top things to look out for when buying a table tennis table

In this post I discuss the different types of table tennis tables and this should be a helpful resource if you are looking to buy your first table for the home, church, school or youth club.

Table tennis can be a really fun way to spend your leisure time

If you think you want to get a table to play at home then there are some specifics you need to know to help you choose a good one.

Whether you are into playing for fun or you are competitive about it, there are some different types of tables you can choose from.

Deciding to have the Tables Inside or Outside

First you need to know there's a small difference in an indoor and an outdoor table tennis table. The tables that are used inside are about a half inch to an inch thick. The tables outside are thinner than this and made of aluminum so they stand up to the outdoor elements better.

When it comes to choosing whether to get an outside or an inside table it really all comes down to space. If there is somewhere you can comfortably keep it in the house then it’s a great thing to have, if it isn’t convenient then you can get an outside table instead.

Kid’s Tables and Competition Tables

If you are looking to get a table for your kids then a beginner table will be perfectly fine. You want it to be sturdy but it doesn't have to be very fancy. If you are going to hold competitions then you will need a high-end home table and you will want it to have a three fourth of an inch thickness.

The ball will bounce the same across the table with this thickness every time.

When you are playing in competitive table tennis you want consistency in practice as it will be when you face your opponent. Most tables are made from particle board at different thicknesses.

There are some that hold up better that are made from a high resin material. This type of table is going to stand up better to warping.

Storing Your Table Tennis Table

There are different ways to store your table when you aren't using it. If you are using it in a room that also gets used for another purpose then you are going to want one you can roll out of the way and even fold up in some cases.

If you are playing in the basement or somewhere out of the way then you do not need the wheels as the table will not be moving.

Other Places to set up Your Table

Table tennis tables can be set up so you can play anywhere. You can put one in your garage so when you have friends over you can play before grilling out or relaxing over drinks.

The great thing about this type of table is you can pull it out when you want to use it, and set up the buffet on nights you don’t use it. The table has many uses including helping you hone your table top skills.

If you want to have one for your church then it can be a great way for young people to spend some time together. In schools there can be a number of tables set up in the gym for students to practice with.

Some clubs may want to have a table tennis table at their place of gathering and some people just want to have the luxury of playing at their own homes. When you have table tennis outside any pool party or backyard BBQ becomes a lot more fun.

Additional Features

In addition to the wheels that are on some tables there are other features you might find useful. When a table can fold all the way up it’s useful, but you have to make sure it’s good quality.

Some tables will fold up on one end forming a wall so you can practice hitting the ball against the toughest opponent, yourself. The legs need to be larger to hold the table up better, if you have a table with flimsy legs then it can collapse at a bad time and no one wants that.

Your best bet when buying a table tennis table is to get a very sturdy one and make sure it is able to stand up to bad weather if you’re going to have to keep it outside.

Thank you for reading my post about what to look for when buying a ping pong table. Whether you are considering an indoor table tennis table, or somethng for outside, please go right ahead and let me know what you think!

Table Tennis Table Buyers Guide

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