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Third Ball Attack Ping Pong Tip by Eli Baraty

Welcome to the latest in our series of table tennis coaching videos.

The Third Ball Attack' ping pong strategy or 'The Forehand Open Up', as I like to call it or is one of the most effective stategies you can use in your ping pong game.  Professional Table Tennis players have used this strategy to consistently win points and it has been a part of their game since the 1950's. The Third Ball attack It involves a winning attack or loop after your serve.

Having a few different strategies in your game will really help you improve your play and develop a good overall technique

Here we are giving you the 'Third Ball Attack' technique, also known as the 'Forehand Open Up.' It's very hard to find good techniques to follow onine, so we thought that giving you a little tip along with a video would be a great way to improve your game. Table Tennis is all about strategy and having a game plan to beat your opponent.

This Third Ball Attack technique will go along way to improve your game and give you a competitive advantage over your opponent.

There are so many advanced techniques and table tennis tricks that we can provide but it's important to start with the basics. The Third Ball Attack is definitely one of the most common strategies and best ping pong tips to master and have in your tool bag when playing table tennis and looking to win.

Using the The Third Ball Attack strategy will definitely help you become a serious player and learn the basics of how professional table tennis players use these strategies in their game to win. That's what this game is about, table tennis is an art form, a game of strategy and deception. He who deploys the winning strategies - wins!

What Is 'The Third Ball Attack' Technique All About?

We are going to give you in-depth, breakdown of The Third Ball Attack and show you how to do it with this video below.  You might ask, what's so special about this strategy? Why is it being used? Well, it's important to give yourself a competitive advantage, one of the ways to do this is when serving.

The serve done correctly can 'Open UP' your opponent for a poor return of serve, giving you the advantage of playing a winning shot to win the point, in this case, the forehand shot is the winning shot. Hence , I call it the 'Forehand Open Up' technique.

It's a very widely used technique and if you want to become a better player and improve your game, it's very important to know this technique as all the other competitive players will know about this strategy and the opponent will start to use it on you and win points when you could have easily used it yourself.

Do I Need To Know Any Other Techniques Or Strategies In My Game?

Having a few tips and tricks under your belt when you approach the table tennis game always helps and having as much knowledge as you can really improve your game no end and you will start to see some massive changes in your game strategy. Having just a little bit of strategy will give you almost immediate results in your game and give you a competitive advantage over your opponent.

That is exactly what you want. when you start to win a few points and beat your opponent, it starts to become a really exciting game as you up your 'game level' and start to play with better players. As you start to understand that table tennis is an 'Art Form' and as you learn, develop and master a few strategies you start to evolve as a player. You can then, only then start to become a 'player'.

Not everyone will understand that it's a game of strategy, deception, and trickery. In order to become a master of the game, you must learn to develop techniques to play the game.

As with any technique to improve your game, you need to practice and work hard to perfect the strategy. We can teach you as many techniques as you like, but if you don't use it in your game and stay on top of the practice of the 'technique' it will become less useful for you.

So I ask that you keep in mind that you practice please so you become a better player. We want and need people to become better players as the game becomes bigger and bigger to a wider audience. The more you practice the better player you will become and that's what we want to achieve.

The community at large become better players, so everyone can have come away from this site knowing at least one tip or trick to improve their game.

How Many Techniques And Strategies Do I Need To Know To Be A Better Player?

You can never have enough techniques or strategies under your belt in a game of table tennis. I would say at least 8 different strategies would be good to have in your game to confuse the player and throw them off their game. They are also trying to work you out as a player.

At the start of a game, you are both working each other out in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. This means that if you can confuse the player, you will give them a hard time to work you out as a player. That is ultimately what you want as a player, because if you do give you opponent a hard time working out your game you will win and become a champion in the process. I love winning, don't you? ;-)

It's important to have more than one tip or technique under your belt as you will need to mix them up as part of your game. The opponent will eventually work out what you are doing and learn to cope with the type of spin, speed, serve and strategy that you are giving them and start to beat you.

This is not what you want, so having a few different strategies is very important and you need to throw them into your game when they are not expecting it.  This is what it's all about, giving yourself a competitive advantage to win, so learning the different techniques of the third ball attack family is a very effective tool in your game.

The 'Third Ball Attack Family' of tricks is the main strategy and it can be most effectively deployed at the serve. But you can also use it as part of a 'Fifth Ball Strategy' and that then becomes an in-game strategy if your opponent knows how to get return your serve. We will go into this technique in different video, but I thought it's important to make you aware that you can use this technique at different points in your game.

I guess you will need to build up a little bit of experience before trying that and it will definitely take you into the world of becoming a really competitive player. That is if you want to become a competitive player, it's important to have these tactics and strategies under your belt so you can start competing at a level and be an all round better player.

Why is The Forehand Open Up So Important?

Table tennis is all about strategy and finding ways to beat your opponent, This strategy is one of the most used in the game. It's important to learn how to open up your opponent so you can hit a winning shot. The Third Ball Attack' is a brilliant strategy and it is deployed when you are serving. The serve is probably the most effective way to win a point in table tennis. As this can be the hardest point for your opponent to return. The return of serve is; without doubt, the most difficult thing to do.

BUT! when you come up against an experienced player they know how to return a serve and what's more important they will know how to return your serve so well that it will give you a problem returning the ball. They will make it hard for you to return the serve, they have built up the knowledge over time to know what to do when you serve to them.

This is why having a strategy like 'The Forehand Open UP is really important, so you know how to cope with an experienced player and give them a serve so they will have a hard time returning the ball and you can 'Open' them 'UP' your forehand to make that willing point. You want to give them a hard time and having a technique like 'Third Ball Attack' will definitely do some damage for you.

Introducting The Third Ball Attack Video

Lady's and gentlemen, Eli Baraty and I (Mark Kemp) bring you the 'Forehand Open UP' or 'Third Ball attack' table tennis training video. Below is a detailed video on how to implement this strategy and it will also give you an insight on how to break it down. Eli Baraty is one of the UK's finest table tennis coaches and has trained some nationally ranked table tennis players that come out of his training camp at The Harefield Academy in the United Kingdom.

We are really pleased to have collaborated with Eli Baraty as his experience and knowledge in the game is incredible.  He has become a personal friend of mine and a go-to person when I'm struggling with my table tennis game and having a hard time with my 'mental attitude' towards the game. He's a great coach and mentor, so I'm sure he can do the same for you. He has a really good training camp in the UK that you can go to if you want to see him in person and start to get some proper coaching.

In this video, he provides us just a little bit of knowledge to learn how to use the 'The forehand Open UP' strategy and hit the perfect stroke. It's important to learn how to listen to the sound of how you hit the ball, as that will make all the difference when deploying this technique. it has taken us quite some time to put together, so we really appreciate you watching, learning and enjoying the video. We hope to provide more videos in the future and provide new techniques.

Below we have transcribed the video, so you can read what Eli has said and gives you a breakdown of what he is saying if you find it hard to understand what he is saying. You can also use this text to translate it into another language. You can use google translate for that and I find that it's a great service. If you want more information about Eli Baraty you can find that here:

Thanks for watching the video and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Keep practicing and learning tricks in the game as it's all worth it as you start to see the results. Remember practice makes perfection and as you learn more your game develops. It can be a slow process, so take your time in learning these new tricks and as always any questions please feel free to send us an email or leave a comment below.

Third Ball Attack Coaching By Eli Baraty [Video]

3rd Ball Attack Video Transcription

The forehand open up!.

It’s part of the Third Ball Attack family,

What that means is, if I serve that’s one shot. with backspin. If they return it with backspin long, that’s the ‘second shot’ and my ‘third shot’
which is the third ball attack, forehand open up and I’m going to give you three tips to improve your forehand open up.

What you want to try and do is, spin the ball as much as possible, with loads of topspin. What that means is, you want to practice something like this.

caressing the ball, brushing it,  rather than doing that. This is where you are hitting the ball and you’re not generating topspin, so make sure you practice bruising the ball trying to keep the ball on the bat for as long as possible. That’s TIP 1.

The second thing you can do, is to get your friend or coach to roll the ball on the table and for you to start below the table and spin it up by whipping, this will help you to brush the ball and learn how to do heavy topspin.

So here’s an example.

You can also hear the contact, it goes ‘chuck’ rather than ‘slap slap’

The third thing you can do to help you is hold the ball up, lets it drop maybe two or three bounces and get down nice and low and spin the ball up.

So this is how it goes.

one more time.

What you’ll notice is, I bend my knees nice and low, I drop my arm below the table because the ball has got backspin it wants to go down, so I need to start below it to lift it up.

The other key thing here is your acceleration, try and start slow, just before point of contact, accelerate to generate more spin, remember thin contact on the ball and try and catch the ball top of the bounce, maybe slightly top of the bounce for more advanced players, but do your best not to catch the ball, after ‘top of the bounce’

I hope that helps you, please subscribe, please feel free to leave any comments or questions and i’ll be happy to help and answer your questions.

We really hope that this video and all the others we have produced at best table tennis tables help you improve your game. Leave a comment below or subscribe to our Youtube channel

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