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by Mark Kemp | updated May 10 2023
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Table tennis, or “ping pong”, is a popular and fun activity for all ages, especially children. But as a parent, you want to make you are getting something durable and that will last for a long time. As kids grow up into teenagers they quickly outgrow their clothes and toys.

That is why some people prefer to buy a full-sized budget table tennis table like the ones we recommend here. Many of these teen-friendly tables have safety features like corner-protectors to avoid mishaps during their 'clumsy years'.

So here is our curated list of 5 table tennis tables that would be a great gift for your growing child once they have graduated from a mid-sized table tennis table. These budget ping pong tables are good enough to last for years if looked after and can be upgraded for a more expensive, full-sized indoor table tennis table if the players show promise. Keep them active and off the streets, get one of these cost-effective ping pong tables now!

The Top 5 Best Ping Pong Tables for Teens & Growing Kids

Rank Image Product Name Assembly Color Made In Storage Playback Mode Shipped From Free Shipping Table Top Warranty Lowest price Rating Buy now Detail
But the Head Summit Indoor Ping Pong Table With Net Set Now!
Head Summit Black Indoor Ping Pong Table with Net Set Quick/pre-assembled China No Yes USA Free 18.00mm n/a $699.99
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Buy the Butterfly Personal Rollaway Indoor Ping Pong Table now
Butterfly Personal Rollaway Indoor Table Tennis Table with Net Set Assembly required Green Germany Racket & ball holder Yes USA Free 19.00mm 3 years $749.99
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Buy the Joola Rally TL 15 Indoor Table Tennis Table in this review
Joola Rally TL 15 Indoor Ping Pong Table in Black with Net Set Quick/pre-assembled Black China Ball holder only Yes USA Free 15.00mm 1 year $449.95
(Please go ahead! If you buy we will earn a small commission)
Buy the Joola Liberty Americana Indoor Table Tennis Table with Net Set
Joola Liberty Americana Indoor Table Tennis Table with Net Set Assembly required Blue China No Yes USA Free 15.00mm 1 year Check prices!

Out of stock!

(Please go ahead! If you buy we will earn a small commission)
Buy the MD Sports Indoor Table Tennis Table with Paddles Balls & Net Set in this review
MD Sports Indoor Table Tennis Table with Paddles, Balls & Net Set Assembly required Black China No Yes USA Free 15.00mm n/a $199.00
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Buy the Butterfly Personal Rollaway Indoor Table Tennis Table with Net Set

This indoor table is perfect for a young novice player, as it is your basic recreational ping pong table. However, it is made from the highest quality materials in Germany and by the premium Butterfly Brand, so you will get years of use out it! The personal Rollaway would be a perfect fit for any community center, game room, or even a basement or garage.

Its hardwood particleboard 19mm top makes it extremely durable, and it is finished to provide the best bounce possible. The legs are made of steel, so you can be sure that this table will remain in good shape for years to come. It folds up for storage in a single piece, because the two halves are not separated. This means it can be rolled into a corner for storage with ease!

It’s one-piece design makes it easy to adjust from full length to half length with one side folded up for solo playback mode in mere seconds. The paddle and ball storage holders on the sides make it easy for your teens not to lose their table tennis equipment. This a regulation size table (9’ by 5’ and just over 3 feet tall), so it is great for anyone who already plays, or is looking to get into playing table tennis regularly!

Our Rating:
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Very high quality for the price
  • 19mm table top for good bounce
  • Paddle & ball storage
  • Great entry-level premium table
  • 2-3 hours assembly
Lowest price: $749.99
Butterfly Personal 19 Ping Pong Table - Game Table for Kids Indoor Table Tennis Table - Folding Ping Pong Table - Holder for Ping Pong Paddles and Balls - Net Included, Green, 1 Table Buy now
Detailed review coming soon

Buy the Head Summit Matte Black USA TT Approved Indoor Ping Pong Table

I like this Head indoor table because it has all the hallmarks of a more expensive indoor table, but at a lower price without compromisiing on quality. Head is a German Sports equipment brand that has been around since the 1960's. They do not focus on ping pong tables, but they certainly know how to make a good one!

Not only is this Head Summit table approves by the USA Table Tennis team, but it is also Amazon's choice for "black ping pong tables". That award was won because of high average customer ratings, lack of returns and great pricing. It is clear that customer satisfaction is very high among people who order this table.

And why not? You get a handsome matte black 2 piece, 18mm playing surface with protected corners as a safety feature. It is 95% pre-assembled right out of the box and a sprung net set is included. The Head Summit is a regulation size table, can be used for solo play in playback mode with one side folded up, is very high quality and will not break the bank. What's not to love?

Like Amazon, we feel that this is a grerat indoor table for a basement or garage if you need high quality for a lower price without caring if you have a table  from a recognizable Table Tennis Brand. This Head Summit Indoor table will last for years and serve your growing teeenagers well. Keep them off the streets and out of trouble in style with the Head Summit!

Our Rating:
  • 95% pre-assembled
  • Corner protectors
  • High Quality manufacturing
  • USA TT approved
  • Not a well-known table tennis Brand
Lowest price: $699.99
HEAD Summit USA Indoor Table Tennis Table, Competition Grade Net, 10 Minute Easy Set Up – Ping Pong Table with Playback Mode Buy now
Detailed review coming soon

Joola Rally TL Indoor Table Tennis Table with Scoring Abacus, Net Set & Ball Holders

The Joola Rally TL indoor table tennis table has contemporary features that will impress even the most jaded teenager. The unique ball-storage system integrated into the corners of the table is cool and the scoring Abacus on the players side edge of the table is very cool. In combination with the unconventional color scheme of a black playing surface and white powder coated steel legs, you have a ping pong table that will complement your home's interior rather than something that looks like it belongs in a dusty old table tennis clubhouse.

The Rally TL comes in 3 variations, that get heavier with thicker frame struts and thicker table tops. The TL range starts with a 15mm table top and 30mm frame, moves up to an 18mm table top with a 40mm frame and finally the top of the range model has a 25mm table top with 50mm frame.

The price quoted here is for the lightest table in the range, the 15mm top with the 30mm frame. If you are looking for a teens indoor knockabout table for home then this will suit your requirements perfectly. Obviously, if you are looking for a more competition-ready table then go for the 25mm top version with the heavier frame.

The integrated ball holders are designed for standard 40mm table tennis balls which are not included in this set. A net and post set is included, as is usual these days. The Rally TL is made in two separate halves and one side can be folded up for solo playback mode.

If you need both style and function in a well-known Brand name package, that is approved by Team USA table tennis  then the Rally TL is a great choice for a teen table!

Our Rating:
  • Corner ball holders on both sides
  • Integrated Abacus for Scoring games
  • Stylish color scheme
  • 95% pre-assembled
  • 3 variations of weight/table top
  • Playback mode
  • Top Brand name
  • USA Table Tennis approved
  • Playing surface sensitive to scratches
  • Need to cover table when not in use to protect surface
  • 15mm table-top (lowest in range) may not provide enough bounce
Lowest price: $449.95
JOOLA Rally TL - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table w/ Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net & Post Set - 10 Minute Easy Assembly - Corner Ball Holders - USATT Approved - Ping Pong Table w/ Playback Mode Buy now
Detailed review coming soon

JOOLA Liberty Americana Lightweight 15mm top Indoor Ping Pong Table

Now this type of table is a first for Best Table Tennis Tables because it is a lightweight 4-piece table top construction, this means that the table can be manufactured much more cheaply but the disadvantage is that the construction is more complicated and the table top has a seam right down the middle of the play area (along the white stripe). However, if you need a full size, plain knockabout table for your kids and teenagers to play on indoors, then this type of table may just be the answer.

If nobody in your household is going to take their table tennis too seriously, doesn't care too much about the bounce-quality or the playing surface then this 4-piece indoor table from Joola could be just the ticket. This Joola Liberty table is not the top-quality of their best outdoor ping pong tables like the Joola Nova outdoor table range, but it does not pretend to be.

This is the most basic of all ping pong tables and it's proud to be that. The trade-off is that it will take you a while to construct it and it might be a two-people job, but he advantages are that it is a very lightweight and so moveable, fun ping pong table that folds into one-piece to be wheeled in a corner. It even has Playback mode capability for solo play! All in all, a good table from a recognized Brand as a starter table. If your kids or teens turn out to show some real talent, then donate this cheap table and upgrade!

Our Rating:
  • Playback solo play mode
  • Corner protectors
  • locking wheels
  • Top Brand name
  • Great budget option for a full-sized table
  • 4 piece table
  • Major assembly project
  • Will need upgrading if players want to progress their skills
Lowest price: Check prices
Detailed review coming soon

MD Sports Indoor Ping Pong Table Bundle with Bats, Balls and Net Set

The MD Sports indoor table is another 4-piece table top with a lighter frame which means it's a great knockabout table if  you are on a budget. Although it looks good, this is not a top quality indoor ping pong table like a Stiga STS 520, however if you do not have much money to spend, have the room for a full-sized ping pong table and only need a light-duty table for novice players or kids who need a rainy-day distraction, then this MD Sports table is something you should consider.

The table is available in a variety of color options and it has a 15mm thick table-top, so you do get a reasonable bounce on the ball. It is also capable of solo Playback mode as one side can be folded up for solo play. The table-top does come in 4 pieces and it will take a lot of assembling, but that is your trade-off when buying a budget table. You will need to be confident at DIY to tackle this as an assembly project!

The bundle does come with a retractable net that is reasonable quality and also 2x paddles and balls which are not so great quality so we recommend that you buy additonal paddles and balls. I am including the MD Sports table simply because it's a good budget option for light use and it is a best-selling item. As with the Jools table above, this may be a good starter option which you can donate if your kids are showing some ping pong flair, iin wich case you will want to upgrade this table!

Our Rating:
  • Solo playback mode
  • Budget option
  • Full sized indoor table
  • Folds away in one piece
  • Corner protectors
  • Included bats and balls poor quality
  • Needs a major assembly project to put together
Lowest price: $199.00
MD Sports Table Tennis Set, Regulation Ping Pong Table with Net, Paddles and Balls (8 Pieces) - Black & Light Blue Buy now
Detailed review coming soon

Here are some of our previous picks for top Teens table tennis tables, but due to some models being discontinued and availability issues, we no longer recommend these. In any case, you can read about these models for comparison purposes.

The Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This kid-friendly table tennis table is has all sorts of great features to it! For this model, Cornilleau has really centered its focus on safety, mobility, and storage, all while designing a top quality table.

Cornilleau Sport 500m Best Outdoor Tennis Table For Kids Review

The corners are protected to avoid any scuffs to you or the table, and the one-touch locking mechanism will prevent it from falling open while in storage.

The locking mechanism not only makes sure that the table stays shut, but also that it remains locked and in place while open. There are also 4 wheels that make it really easy to move around and set up! The height is adjustable, but at it’s shortest, the 'Sport 500' stands at about 2 ? feet tall, making this a great table for all ages.

This table is meant for the outdoors, so it also features an anti-glare surface, but can be used indoors as well, and people have been impressed with it’s durability to harsh weather conditions.

When you are not playing against an opponent, the table folds half-way up, so you can practice against yourself too! And when it’s ready to be put away, it folds neatly and easily in half. This is one of the highest rated table tennis tables available, is great for all ages, and will last a lifetime!

The Joola Rapid Play 150 Table Tennis Table

This table is unique because of its many built-in accessories, which include ball holders, and even a magnetic scoreboard! The ball holding compartments are located at the corners, and the scoreboard is in a classic abacus style.

Best For Kids Joola JTL 150 Table Tennis Table Review

The 'JTL' also has a clamp-on net system for easy setup!

The table is in two halves, which come together in the middle. If you are concerned that the table may shift while in the middle of a game, don’t worry about it; it’s not an issue! It features 4 snap-locking castor wheels, along with an anti-tilting device, so the table will stay put during use.

The 'JTL' is an indoor table, so having it in two pieces makes for easy indoor storage. This also provides an easy setup for one player games, with one half folded, and the other half in playing position!

The legs and feet are adjustable as well to compensate for different ages of players. Although this model is more ideal for preteens - teens, it could also be fun for smaller children. However, due to its two-piece design, a smaller child may have difficulty setting it up and putting it away.

The STIGA Instaplay Table Tennis Table

Now this table tennis table is for the hardcore table tennis player, so I probably would not recommend it for smaller children.

Best Children's STIGA Instaplay T8288 Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA is a very popular manufacturer of table tennis gear, and their tables are used by the pros!

This particular table tennis table is made of the highest quality materials. The top is sanded, painted multiple times, and finished with a perfectly smooth and sleek clear coat.

There is a steel apron that ensures even bounce, and also corner protectors to avoid any unnecessary injuries. When you are all set up and ready to play, the 4 mag wheels have easy-clicking locks to make sure that you have the best stability.

This is a separate, two-halved table, and is only for indoor use, but it folds neatly and compactly. Like other two-piece tables, this makes switching from one-on-one play to single practice a breeze. And when put away, the table features a safety latch system that will prevent it from opening unexpectedly.

But I think the best part about the 'STIGA Instaplay' (right off the bat anyway), is that there is no assembly required! This table tennis table comes to you fully intact, so all you have to do is take it out of the box, and you are ready to play!

The Weatherproof Kettler Top Star XL With Accessories

Now, this is the star of the list! This bundle not only comes with a top-of-the-line table tennis table, but also includes 6 high quality balls, 2 HALO 5.0 table tennis rackets, and even a waterproof cover!

Best Kids KettlerTable Tennis Table Top Star XL Outdoor Table Review

The table itself is regulation sized, so it measures 9’ by 5’, and stands just below 3’ tall. It is easily movable, rolling on 4 durable wheels. With that in mind, this is a perfect table for all ages, and would make a great addition to any family’s backyard!

The surface is completely weatherproof, with a waterproof finish, as well as a fade proof finish to ensure a long life span. It’s patented dual safety lock mechanism allows you to easily fold one half up for warming up in solo play! This is unique, because with most tables, doing this creates a gap for the ball to fall through, but this table makes sure that the gap is not big enough for that to happen!

The 2 HALO 5.0 paddles are also waterproof, and are designed for high impact playing. They also have a beautiful concave design handle, and the 6 ping pong balls included are 3-star. When you are aren't playing, the 'Top Star' can easily fold up, be rolled aside, and covered with the waterproof tarp!

Sidenote: Some Things To Avoid When Shopping For A Table Tennis Table

For the best quality, always make sure that your table tennis table comes with an apron (a thin sheet of metal, most commonly aluminum, that sits between the wooden layers). Tables without an apron will warp over time. Also, make sure that you are buying a table with safety features and locking mechanisms, to avoid any injuries due to closing malfunctions or aggressive play.

The 5 best kids table tennis tables listed here, are the best value tableson the market to buy for your growing child or teenager. Remember that these are not the mini-tables for toddlers and small children that are more of a toy. These tables are real leisure tables that can provide years of fun for the whole family!

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