Is The Kettler Junior Table Tennis Table For Kids Good Value?

Kettler midsize ping pong table

Junior Table Tennis Tables Help Children Get Into The Sport

The Kettler Junior Midsize table is the perfect kids ping pong table for your family to get started in the game. Ping Pong is fast becoming one of the most loved sports in the world because of how easy it is to learn and play.

This review looks at another junior table for kids. All you need to get going  is two players, two bats and a ball! If you have limited space and you don't want to spend too much money on a table, then this Kettler Junior is ideal.

The Kettler Junior table tennis table comes in two halves which are easy to set up.

All you need to do is unfold the legs, put the two halves of the table together and attach the net.

Table set-up is achievable in under 5 mins!

Due to the smaller size of this table tennis table, it's really easy to store away and won' t take up much space in your home or garage. The undercarriage is made of square box-section steel, giving it the strength and stability required to play a solid game of table tennis.

The steel frame is supported by rubber pads which are attached to the underside and give the table-top even more stability. The table top itself is blue with white match-lines down the middle and around the edges.

Kettler have provided a 16mm coated wooden table-top to give it that extra durability needed to support hours of table tennis play.

 Unfold the legs, attach the net and set up with no fuss

Kettler Junior Mid-Sized Collapsible Indoor Table Tennis Table, Blue Top

Lowest price on Amazon: $149.99

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Who Are Kettler?

Kettler is a well-known quality German brand with international presence. Kettler is known for top fitness and outdoor products designed and built with high-quality German engineering.

Founded in 1949, Kettler is now known as one of the best value table tennis brands for recreational use. You can find Kettler tables in family homes and community centers all over the country, played on by people who want to play a fun, recreational game of table tennis.

These tables are not competition-certified. You will not generally find them in clubs that are part of a table tennis league or other serious ping pong coaching environment. That said, the Kettler branded ping pong tables have been produced to a very high standard (which is to be expected from a German engineered product!)

Kettler manufactures other products such as fitness equipment, bikes, outdoor toys, go-karts and even garden furniture. They know how to build durable kit. This particular model, the Kettler Junior Midsize table tennis table was launched in 2013. In that time is has proven to be a great table for kids at home or even for adults in the office who want to have some fun on a compact-sized table.

Kettler Junior Mid-sized Features

  • 16mm table top
  • Wooden top with durable coating layer
  • Clip on Net
  • Solid undercarriage made with square steel tubing
  • 90 x 45 x 76cm size when out of the box
  • Easy to store away
  • No complex setup
  • Quality German engineering
  • 12 Months Warranty

I would not recommend using this table tennis table outside, it is only made for indoor use.

Kettler Junior Mid-Sized Collapsible Indoor Table Tennis Table, Blue Top

Lowest price on Amazon: $149.99

(Please go ahead! If you buy we will earn a small commission)

Does It Come With A Racquet And Balls?

Nope, buying a paddle and ping pong balls will be a really good investment.

What Is The Thickness Of The Table Top?

Very similar to most standard table tennis tables at 16mm.

What Is The Undercarriage Frame Like?

This frame is quite light, but sturdy enough to handle a tough game.  The colour is light grey and it's a steel metal frame which is made for folding away easily.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Kettler Junior Table?

Dimensions of the table when fully setup are:  90 x 45 x 76cm.

What Color Is The Table Top?

The table top is blue.

So What's The Verdict On The Kettler Junior?

It's important to understand that this product is made for both adults and children that want to have fun playing table tennis.

This is a great Junior table that has been given a lot of thought in how it has been designed.  Two key questions keep coming up when asked about the Kettler Junior or midsize table tennis tables.

  1. Is the Kettler Junior table tennis table good value for money?
  2. Is it worth it buying a standard table tennis table instead? 

It depends on who you're buying table for and why you want a smaller table.

Either way you're set for loads of fun with a Junior or Mid-sized ping pong table and it's very similar to playing on a standard table, just smaller. In fact, it can be a little more fun for adults as it requires more skill to play on a smaller table. 

1. Is It Good Value For Money?

YES! for under $200 it's a bargain, to give you hours of fun, the quality of the Kettler brand and materials used, it doesn't command that much money.

2. Should You Get A Larger Standard Table For The Kids?

If you want to try the game out with the kids and see how they take to it, buying a midsized table is a great way to introduce them to the game. Without spending too much money on a full table and taking space in your house, you can try-out ping pong at your leisure.

A full-sized table takes up a lot of room and requires a lot more storage space in the house.

It's not an ITTF approved table as all professional tables need to be approved by the International Table Tennis Association in order to be used at local club level (which is pro-amateur). However, this junior table tennis table doesn't need to be, it's just a great little table to have in the house or office for fun!

I hope you have fun with it and it gives you many hours of top game-time!

Kettler Junior Mid-Sized Collapsible Indoor Table Tennis Table, Blue Top

Lowest price on Amazon: $149.99

(Please go ahead! If you buy we will earn a small commission)

So you can see that there a few good options regarding midsized ping pong tables. While you choose the right table for your kids, browse the rest of this site and learn more about the game!

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