Why Is The iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot A Must Have?

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iPong have released the iPong V300 ping-pong training robot which provides total control and flexibility over the ball placing, This gives you a much better practising experience providing you with the ability to raise your standards no end.

The iPong Master V300 is a wireless table tennis robot which means that there are limitations on where you can place the machine for your practising experience as it needs to be line-of site with the controller.

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Best table tennis tables will take you through the features and benefits of why this iPong robot is an essential item to own.

Why is the iPong V300 a must have?

First of all the iPong range of robots look stunning and they look more like a cool feature in your house, rather than a table tennis robot that you can practise with and step up your game with!

I will take you through all the features and benefits of the iPong robot has in order to help you improve your shots, strokes and over all game.

What I find most impressive is that this wonderful iPong Master v300 robot is wireless!

So no wires, nothing to plug in, no power adaptor cables to trip on or get in the way whilst you're practising.

This makes it a neat little personal table tennis coach, portable and easy to place on the table when you're ready to start practising.

Is it easy to setup?

It's surprisingly easy to set up in three simple stages. The robot comes in three separate parts. The base, the middle throwing machine and the Ball holder which sits on top of the thrower.

The middle thrower is the main component of the iPong Master V300 as it's the core engine which has all the fuctionality.

The top section can handle up to 100 Balls which can been thrown at you in different ways to provide a real game practising environment.

All you need to do is set up your table tennis table, place the iPong V300 robot on the table, turn it on, add the table tennis balls to the top ball holder section and you're away!!

So what can I do with the controller?

The iPong V300 table tennis robot comes with a wireless remote control which is a great feature. You can have the controller at your end of the table so you can control the iPong Master V300 to feed you different types of throws.

The wireless controllers gives you the flexibility to control the iPong V300 from your side of the table to change the speed, direction of the ball and spin.

It has a digital screen that provides four different settings giving you control over the ball. You can set what pace you want to receive the ball, it's oscillation, top-spin and back-spin.

These control features are essential if you want to practise the game as if it's in a real life environment.

The wireless remote control feature brings this iPong V300 in to a league of its' own

The wireless remote control feature brings this iPong V300 in to a league of it's own compared with the previous model the iPong Pro.

With no wires attached to the robot, you can place the robot anywhere you want it to be in the table.

So what comes with iPong V300?

  • 100 practising balls
  • A ball catcher net (essential) – you don't want to spend your life picking up balls.
  • The robot (itself) V300 machine

All you need is a bat and you're done!

iPong have thought of everything. With this complete package you don't need to purchase anything else to play and have the hassle of picking up 100 table tennis balls from the floor.

The body rotation that the iPong V300 is really powerful with the ability to place balls at difference speeds, lengths and placements.

This will keen you in good stamina when practising your game, as the variation of the balls delivery times can also be programmed.

What else is note worthy?

The iPong V300 table tennis trainer comes with a tilt stand which can increase the amount of back spin on the ball and provide very specific placements.

It provides very realistic shots as if you're in a match or top coaching session environment.

The back-spins and top-spins provide a real in-game experiences allowing you to improve your game and shock your friends when they next come round your house to play!

Let's say that you want to practise just your forehand loop shot or the backhand push shot, you can programme the controller to a backspin setting throwing it short to your backhand.

You can then push the ball back and practise just that stroke, then programme the iPong V300 for the next ball to be long to your forehand, so you can get an all round variation of shots to practise with.

That is the feature which really makes the iPong V300 a stand-out robot.

The wireless controller has a lovely little feature where you can save settings that you like so you don't have to programme the controller each time you want to practise that shot.

So what's the verdict?

It's small, light and looks great in design feature. The iPong V300 ping-pong robot comes with a great package including the net and 100 - 40mm balls.

Compared with other table tennis robots on the market, most don't come with a net and you have to buy that separately!

It's a cool little bonus to own one of these and it's great if you're just starting out and want to have the whole package, including the ball-catcher.

So my verdict is clear, the iPong V300 is one of the best table tennis robots on the market right now.

I  wish we had these iPong robots around when I was growing up and starting out on my table tennis journey, so much fun!!!

Buy the iPong V300 table tennis robot on Amazon now Buy the iPong V300 Ping Pong Robot on Amazon!

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you also have some experience with this model.

iPong V300 Table Tennis Robot

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