Most Versatile Ping Pong Robot? The Paddle Palace H2W Review

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by Mark Kemp | updated May 17 2023
The Most Versatile Ping Pong Robot We Have Reviewed Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro

Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro Review

Let's take a look at one of the best ping pong robots that we have ever reviewed. Repetition is the mother of all skills! Say what? Yes, that’s right, the more you practice the better you get. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play or if you’re an advanced player. Everyone needs to practice and improve their Skills.

A table tennis robot is a great way to do this and the H2W Touch Pro is about the best Ping Pong Robot on the market to do this with.

The Paddle Palace H2W Full Setup With Catch Net

The Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro is a very popular high-end ping pong robot and we are starting to see more of these machines in homes and community centres around the world. It’s a very robust robot that will stand the test of time.

The Standout feature in the Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro is the digital touch screen. This allows for so much flexibility over your training program that it makes using it fun and gives you over 30 difference sequences.

The H2W Touch Pro looks like a very technical robot and a bit industrial, but don’t be put off by its looks. This is an awesome piece of kit which has some of the most advanced features and functionalities on offer. All of which can massively improve your game.

It's packed with preset sequences to give you a full workout or you can simply just practice one shot repeatedly until you master the art of that shot.

If you’re looking for a very sophisticated ping pong robot that works straight out of the box with no set-up, then look no further.

A newer model is available!

Image of Paddle Palace S4W PRO Table Tennis Robot

Paddle Palace S4W PRO Table Tennis Robot

lowest price: $1,499.95

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About Paddle Palace

Paddle Palace is a very established company in the table tennis world and offers a lot to the development of players and the game in general. They have a Table Tennis club associated with the company which provides training, coaching and league matches.

The Industrial Looks Of The H2W Give A Clue To Its High Quality

Paddle Palace are based out of Portland, Oregon in the USA. This means they have a deep knowledge of professional players and I trust them to know what a competitive player would need for a professional table tennis robot machine.

The company have manufactured four different ping pong robots, all of which are currently available. They all vary in price and functionality, so what these robots can do for you would depend on your exact practice requirements.

Ultimately they are made to improve your game and give you a way to practice your shots, footwork, stamina without having a real human partner. We don’t always have another person around to practice with so that makes the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Robot the perfect partner.

This is the Paddle Palace Range of Robots

• Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch

• Paddle Palace Robot S4W Pro

• Paddle Palace Robot A32W Pro

• Paddle Palace Robot Top Pro

Detailed Look At The Robot

What comes with the Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro?

  • Single shooting head
  • Spin indicator
  • Robot Frame
  • Ball Container, holding up to 100 Balls
  • Net Catcher
  • Touchscreen LCD (to be clipped to to your side of the table)
  • Ball Collection Net
  • Power supply
  • 120 Ball included
  • Speed of ball up to 110 mph
  • Wheels on the Robot to make it easy to move around.

You have a lot of control over the H2W by using the digital LCD Touch screen you can control the Robot to its full potential. The digital controls allow for great flexibility in setting, oscillation, spins, placements of the ball and customized programming. This gives you the most out of your workout.

Make no mistake, this is a very sophisticated machine, with two throw wheels on the robot head which allows for different types of throws and spins. Overall this makes the experience a real as possible in a practice situation.

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro User Guide

Take a look at the official user manual for the H2W. You can download it here.

A newer model is available!

Image of Paddle Palace S4W PRO Table Tennis Robot

Paddle Palace S4W PRO Table Tennis Robot

lowest price: $1,499.95

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The H2W has a single head, powered by two throw-wheel motors which independently create the speed of the ball and spins that can be created by the digital touch controls.

It has a range of spins that can be delivered easily by the preset programs. Heavy topspin, sidespin and backspin. Even a combination of spins is possible.

Once you get used to using these different spins you can then start programming the Robot to fire the balls at you at different points on the table. This gives you a real world game experience.

Paddle Palace H2W Loop-Counter FH/BH multiball drill [Video]

One of the best features of this Robot is that you can create your own custom sequences with the Touch Screen. Once you have created the custom feature you can save them with the memory function. You have the ability to save up to 9 difference sequences.

These sequences can be changed and edited from the 30 different sequences that are stored in the Touch Screen console.

Simple Touch Control Box Of The H2W Ping Pong Robot

Touch Screen Control Box Features.

  1. 30 preset sequences: To get started with this Robot, you can see what it can do with its built-in 30 preset sequences. This will show you what it’s made of and start you off nicely
  2. Random sequence mode: When the player presses the “Sequences in Random” key the robot will randomly select one of 30 preset sequences and then rearrange the serving order for a new sequence. This random selection has the potential of producing over 60,000 different kinds of serving sequences
  3. Memory function:  9 sequences. This is a great little function, that allows you to save sequences or patterns that you programed into the robot. This allows you to build up a library of sequences that you need to improve your game. You can save up to 9 different sequences.

Key Features of the Robot

  • Touchscreen LCD: This touchscreen LCD makes it easy to control the robot and give you the best workout needed. The touchscreen clips onto the player side of the table, allowing you to conveniently control the robot without much hassle. This control box is the key feature of the H2W Ping Pong Robot, which makes it a stand out robot. You can control, speed, spin, sequences and amount of balls that come at you.
  • Ball counter: You can control the number of balls that will play in sequence. You can have up to 999 balls that can be thrown at you
  • Ball catch net and recycling system: This is a core function of The Paddle Palace Robot. They all come with a net catcher for the ball collection system, this catches the balls and feeds them back into the Robot to allow for continuous play and makes for a great workout.

Paddle Palace H2W Multiball Drills Sept 2016 [Video]


The H2W Pro provides the most versatile practice workout of all of the Paddle Palace robots. Even more so than the dual head versions. This is their most sophisticated machine. It allows for 22 different ball landing posts on the table which is as close to a real game as you can get.

The testimonials of owners speak for themselves. Make sure you read them on Amazon.

Set-up is Easy!

This Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro, comes out of the box and pre-configured. Not all Table Tennis robots come pre-configured and ready to use. Some require a bit of customization and setup. Now the Robot H2W Touch Pro, it’s ready to use and play. All you need to do is push it close to the Ping Pong Table and then you’re ready to play.

A newer model is available!

Image of Paddle Palace S4W PRO Table Tennis Robot

Paddle Palace S4W PRO Table Tennis Robot

lowest price: $1,499.95

Please go ahead! If you buy we will earn a small commission

One year warranty

Paddle Palace are very confident that the H2W Table Tennis Robot is built to last. They have shown their confidence in this product by providing a 30-day money back guarantee and One year warranty in case of defective manufacturing or materials.

As one of our favorite machines in our best table tennis robot list, we heartily recommend this H2W from Paddle Palace!

Paddle Palace H2W Robot Demo [Video]

Paddle Palace H2W robot demo

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