Why Is The Cornilleau 700M Crossover Outdoor Ping Pong Table So Good?

Cornilleau 700m Crossover  Premium Outdoor Table Tennis Table


If you're the kind of person that wants the best of everything, including the best outdoor table tennis table, then look no further. In our opinion, the 700M Crossover Sport Outdoor Table Tennis is the best fold-able outdoor ping-pong table for home and leisure players on the market today. Cornilleau have made a table which is hard to beat. It is their most expensive table tennis table at $2000.99 which is not cheap, but you get the highest quality, solid framing and the most luxurious table for your money.

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The model in this review is no longer available...

Cornilleau have used the best materials, giving it a very stylish look and have designed the table well, making it very easy and simple to use when you want to have a game with your family and friends. It's also easy to fold up and put it back in to storage (not that you'd want to!)

Cornilleau 700m Table Top Thickness View Outdoor Table Tennis

MATTOP Finish table top!

700M Description

At first look Cornilleau have moved away from the traditional table top colors, which are normally blue or green. They have gone for a dark grey color instead. This gives the table an elegant look, enticing the affluent crowd who want to have a show piece in the home to impress guests with. OK, so now you have the table, it's time to show off your ping-pong skills!

It's worth noting that the thickness of the table top is 9mm, which gives a great bounce. The top is also laminated with a MATTOP coating finish. MATTOP is Cornilleau's own specially formulated paint which is designed to stop glare from the sun when you're playing table tennis outside.

This anti-glare finish is very useful as, while playing in the sun it's very common to get blinded by the glare and miss a shot during a pivotal point in the game. This is no fun at all, even for amateur players and Cornilleau have done well to produce this type of special paint.

The table top sits on top of a 60mm thick aluminum zinc frame providing a very solid and sturdy playable area which will stand the test of time and operate well for years to come.

Aluminum/Zinc Frame

Storing The Cornilleau 700M

The frame is fold-able and has been produced with safety in mind by providing 16 lockable points when it's folded. It's made with a composite of Aluminum/Zinc and Steel alloy making it extremely lightweight and strong at the same time. It also has a lovely UV-resistant finish, so will not fade in the sun.

The 700M is superbly weatherproof with the ability to stand the hottest sun, rain, snow and it's even shock resistant. It has massive double lockable wheels positioned at the underside of the frame as well as a ball and paddle/racket storage pouch either side of the frame.

As the frame folds, the legs automatically collapse. Additionally, for safety you can clip the legs to the table when it's folded away in storage. The waterproof net automatically folds when folding the table away, so you don;t need to remove it. The paddle and ball storage it built-into the table so will not wear out like a canvas pouch might.

The legs are slightly arched and are extremely compact when you fold the table up, so it can be stored in a tight space. The leg dimensions are 120mm x 60mm and they have a plastic overlay  providing extra support and stability.

The legs also come with very thick adjustable feet. A very handy feature when your table is placed outside on a patio or a pool side were the floor can be slightly uneven.

Cornilleau Sport 700M Outdoor Ping Ping Table Net Close Up

10 Year Warranty

Paddle And Ball Storage

As mentioned, the 700M has been well designed with the addition of a compact storage solution for the paddles and balls. The paddle storage is in the centre of the table and their is a storage area on each side. It has enough space for 4 paddles, holding 2 on either side along with a few balls.

This is a great feature because when the table is folded away it all fits neatly together.  You don't have to worry about storing the paddles or balls in a separate box, so when you want to pull it out of storage and have a game you can find everything in one place.

On each end of the table, there is also a ball storage puch for each player to use while playing the game. It's a small orange hard plastic pouch-container that you can take a ball from mid-game. I really like that feature.

Cornilleau have purposely worked hard to make this the the very best 'Compact Technology' folding and storage system. The goal being to have the table as thin and compact as possible when in a folded position. This makes it easy to move the table in and out of tight spaces.

Cornilleau Compact Technology [Video]

Quick facts

  • 9mm resin laminate table top with a professional bounce
  • Foldable table
  • Foldable net
  • Corner protection pads
  • Locking mechanism
  • Weather resistant with an Anti glare solution
  • Double wheels for easy mobility.
  • 10 Year warranty

Compact Storage Solution!

What safety measures have they put in place?

The DSI system is their own system which has 16 locking points to ensure stability during the game and in storage. From one single handle, the table can be locked an 16 different places. With this handle you can lock the table both in the storage position and in the playing position. Making it one of the safest, most easy to fold tables on the market.

What is MATTOP?

MATTOP is a special term that Cornilleau have trademarked around the anti-glare paint solution that they have used on the table-tops. This is to stop the sun from shining in your eyes. The MATTOP also makes the top weather proof.

Does it have a good bounce?

The 9mm table top means that the bounce will be as good as a tournament table, the kind you would see at the Olympics. Cornilleau have added a special laminate which gives it an overs-peed surface. This is another term Cornilleau have phrased for the meaning of bounce and shock absorption.

Does it come with a Net?

Yes it does, it comes with a retractable Net. Meaning the net folds when you fold the table. You can also adjust the hight and tension of the net.

Cornilleau 700M Crossover Promo [Video]

What's it like to assemble?

It will take a while to assemble and I would recommend at least two people help out to put it together. I would allow at least two hours to put together. Cornilleau have provided very careful instructions and they are also available for phone support if required.

Ping Pong Table Assembly Service

We would recommend that you order a 'Table Tennis Assembly Service' from Amazon. This will provide a person for 3 hours to move the table in to the place you want it in your home and then put the table together for you.  A table tennis professional assembly person will have the right tools to put the table together quickly and safely.

The table tennis table assembly person also has the experience and has put many of these tables together. This will take the stress off you, so you can just enjoy your game when they have completed the build. You can buy a table tennis table assembly here (around $113.95).

Does it come with Paddles and Balls?

No it does not! You will need to purchase the paddle and balls separately. I recommend that you purchase the Cornilleau Tacteo 30 rackets as they are weather proof, have a good grip and go well with table. You can purchase a bundle deal with 4 rackets and a pack of balls. Buy the Cornilleau Tacteo Table Tennis 2 Paddle And Ball Set (Around $69).

What's it like to put away after the game?

It's easy, just fold each side of the table, clip it on to the locking systems they have provided and you're all set. Cornilleau have produced a Compact Technology System, which makes it easy to fold and store the table away after the game.  Cornilleau are the market leaders in outdoor luxury table tennis tables and have thought very carefully on a very easy to use table tennis table.

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The model in this review is no longer available...

What's the Conclusion?

The 700M Crossover Sport Outdoor Table Tennis, is without doubt the most stylish easy to use outdoor table tennis table on the market. Cornilleau know this and they are proud of the fact that they can back it up with a 10 year warranty. It's attention to detail with features such as the little orange ball holder at the end of each side that makes it so user friendly. The double wheels making it a smooth push rollaway table and anti glare table top. All these features makes up for an outstanding table.

The compact storage solution and the elegant table top all go together to make this a very good-looking table. Above all, it has a great bounce as if you were playing on a professional Olympic table tennis table. Now that's not a bad thing.

Cornilleau have called it a crossover table, because it can be perfectly used for both outdoor and indoor. As you can tell we love this table and think it's a great table to own. It is definitely a cut above the rest in the home, leisure and community table market. If you're looking to own a top quality table that will last for at least 10 years and doesn't take up much storage, then this good-looking 700M Crossover Sport Outdoor Table Tennis is for you! Make no mistake, it's one of the best outdoor ping pong tables you can buy. Enjoy...

Cornilleau 700 M Sport Crossover Assembly [Video]

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