Why Is The Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor Table So Popular?

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by Mark Kemp | updated May 17 2023
Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

So How Come The Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor Table Tennis Table Is So Popular?

An outdoor table tennis table that is built with tough durability and all-weather types in mind, is no easy task. Many players like to have an outdoor table tennis tables during the summer months when it's warmer. It's good to have the community do something outside for fun and a little fitness!

This Cornilleau model is no longer available

Looking for an outdoor table tennis table can be time-consuming as there are so many different kinds of outdoor ping-pong tables on the market. Cornilleau is a french brand that started life in 1946. They are a professional company that produces table tennis equipment but most of their products are focused on the outdoor leisure market.

This means that if you want to purchase a table that is for your outdoor patio, garden or community center then these tables have been built with the toughness to withstand all types of outdoor weather.

Cornilleau have cornered the outdoor table tennis market and have produced an excellent range of outdoor ping-pong tables and Outdoor Pro tables. These Outdoor Pro tables can often be seen in public parks or office buildings. An outdoor table is similar to an indoor table but has been built with long-lasting materials to with stand all weather types.

Cornilleau Sport 250S Review

Lets look at the Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table and see why it is so popular? It's an all-round solid table that is nicely placed in the middle range of the Cornilleau tables.  It caters for the families and communities that want to have a durable table that will last for a very long time and give you a lot of fun. The more expensive tables are made for public parks, business parks, schools or corporate and special professional table tennis competition events.

For the last 40 years this French company have been focused on the outdoor table tennis market.  Their core unique selling point has been the production and refinement of their laminate table tops. The Laminate table tops provide a stand out durable surface which can widthhold, snow, rain, sun and storms. With that in mind Cornilleau are specialists in the outdoor table tennis table.

Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

10 Year guarantee!!

Most indoor table tennis tables are made with a painted chipboard table top and not very good for being used outdoors. As after a while the bad weather effects the table and the table top will start to crack, discolour and blister. That makes the table tennis table become un-usable.

Cornilleau outdoor tables tops are completely weather proof and have been treated with a 'Soft Matt' 5mm special laminate coating which also have a glare reduction surface. If you live in a very sunny climate and have an outdoor patio to play on,  the glare reduction will come in very handy.

The main benefit of this is that when you're playing the game and the ball bounces on your side of the table you won't be blinded by the sun and will be able to see the ball.

Cornilleau actually provide a 10 year guarantee with this table. Which is a very nice touch and it proves that they are commited to providing excellent tables that will stand the test of time.

If you're in the market for an outdoor ping-pong table, it's hard to find another company that will match the quality, build and expert knowledge of these outdoor tables. Cornilleau have nine different tables [Amazon link] in their outdoor table tennis range, which vary in bounce quality, materials used and purpose.

This Cornilleau model is no longer available

Built for all weathers

The Cornilleau Sport Crossover 250S is a good looking outdoor table which comes with a dark green or blue table top. They both look fantastic so it's your choice which one to have. Personally I prefer a blue table top as it looks a bit fresher than the green table top.  Crossover means that the table has been designed for indoor and outdoor use. So you get the benefit of two types of tables for one price tag.

The S Stands for Soft Matt, which is the name they have given to the 5mm laminate table top. The name also gives you the impression that it's anti -glare, a soft finish on the table top and a great bounce with the treatment they have given the table surface.

Key Features Of Cornilleau Sport 250S

  • 10 Year guarantee
  • Great global after sales service
  • 40mm rust proof metal frame
  • 5mm laminate table top
  • Table weight 74kg
  • 40mm frame hight
  • 16 locking point systems
  • Table size: 108.3 x 30 30.3 x 60.2 inches
  • Foldable and has a playback mode
  • Lockable wheels

Is It A Solid Frame?

This Sport 250s table has a galvanized steel frame with has been coated in resin to be durable in outdoor weather. I have noticed that there is a racket and ball storage holder on the side of the table, which can hold up to about 15 balls and  four durable table tennis rackets. It has 6" wheels that have been doubled up to provide better stability and easier for moving the table back in to storage. Each leg is adustable with screws on the bottom, allowing for the table to be placed on uneven surfaces. 

Does The Cornilleau Sport 250S Have A Good Bounce?

It's a professional bounce, you wouldn't be able to know the difference between this table and a professional competition table. So we give it 5 Stars on that front, as it's all about the game and having fun! If a bounce is no good on a table, and there are loads of tables on the market with a bad bounce, the game is no fun at all.

Does It Come With Bat And Balls?

Unforntunately not, you will need to purchase seprate bats and balls, which can be stored on each side of the tables.

Does It Come With A Net?

Yes, it sure does. The net is fixed to the table and is made with polyester. When you fold the table away the net collapses for tidy storage.

What Is The Size And Weight Of The Table?

The table is the same size as every professional full size table, 108.3 x 30.3 x 60.2 inches. It is 121.2 pounds in weight. When the table is folded it is 155cm high and 75cm wide.

Does it Move Easily?

Yes, it comes with specialist outdoor wheels that are built to last. They have doubled up on the wheels giving you extra durability. The wheels are 32mm thick and 200mm in diameter. These wheels come with two red safety locks. These are a must have requirement as it stop sthe table from moving during the game. Also it's an important feature when you go to store the table away. 

Made for the outdoor player in mind

This Cornilleau model is no longer available

Overall Summary?

It's a great table which will last for a very long time. It's a great brand that specialist in outdoor table tennis tables, so you're in safe hands with this table. It can be used for bot indoor and outdoor use with a table top that has been tried and tested in all weathers. It has a 40mm inch this table top with a 5mm thick laminate table top.

This is a very high quality build of table and plays the same game as a professional competition table. One of the best outdoor table tennis table review products that we have seen, for the price tag this table will stand the test of time.

Importantly, it can be kept outside where it belongs. It's very easy to fold away with durable wheels that come with compact technology for easy storage solutions so it doesn't take up much space.

Have Fun With The Cornilleau Sport 250s Indoor/Outdoor [Video]


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