How Good Is The Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway Table?

Best Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway Review For Outside
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Outdoor tables tennis is simply the best leisure pastime, especially with one of these best outdoor table tennis tables, because when you're outside and the sun is shining having a game of table tennis with your family doesn't get any better! If you're lucky enough to have enough space outside to enjoy the game on a patio, poolside or back garden, you can have so much fun for hours!!!

The Butterfly TW23 Home Rollaway Ping Pong Table has since been superseded by the slightly upgraded Butterfly TW24 Outdoor Playback Rollaway Table:

Buy The Butterfly TW23 Home Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table Discounted NowBuy the Butterfly TW24 Outdoor Playback  Rollaway Table Tennis Table (Discount link).

Outdoor table tennis tables are made with different material than indoor tables tennis tables as they are meant to stand the different types of weather and ground surfaces. This means the wheels are slightly thicker, the metal frame has a protection coating on it and the table tops normally come with a laminate material that is weatherproof.

This also means that a good outdoor table tennis table is slightly more expensive than indoor tables because of the materials used. It can get a bit confusing when looking at the different brands of table tennis tables on the market, the prices vary quite a lot.

So to help you filter through the market and understand the best table tennis tables for outdoors at home, we have plucked out a few of the best tables on the market which we feel will bring you great satisfaction, good value for money and will stand the test of time.

Today we have selected the Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway Table Tennis Table to review for a number of reasons, which we will explain below.

What Are The Best Features Of The Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Table?

It's features demonstrate that it has been perfectly designed outdoors and well built to stand all weather conditions.

  • Laminate table top, protecting against fading
  • Easy to store away, with a fold and push away solution
  • Solid frame with 1-1/2-inch steel under carriage with railing rim
  • Solid legs with a 1-inch square steel thickness.
  • When it is folded it's about 73.5 inches high and 27 inches wide
  • Easy fold-and-roll system with 5-inch ball bearing caster
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Free shipping ;-)

OK, so the brand Butterfly stands up for itself, we love that the Butterfly brand has it's history with the table tennis sport and has been around since 1950. I have been playing on Butterfly tables for at least 30 years.

You know you're getting one of the best, trusted brands on the market. Personally I really like the Butterfly Table Tennis Blades (Table Tennis Rackets) as they provide some of the best on the market and cater for so many different styles. We at Best Table Tennis Tables think Butterfly products ROCK with their Japanese engineering and passion for the game.

So what's important when considering an outdoor table tennis table?

Why have we chosen the Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway table? Well that's easy, it's a fantastic all round table at great value that will lasts for years to come and that's why we are recommending this one!

The good thing about the Butterfly TW23 Outdoor table tennis table is that you can also use the table on grass as well as hard floors. It's also perfect on the patio or pool side floors.

It does come with a very heavy shipping weight which can seem at first a little intimidating to transport and then un-pack. It might take you a little longer to un-wrap and then put together.

I think this will only take about 1 hour or so, but once you're done you will see that the wheels are slightly larger than other tables. 5-inch ball bearing casters to be exact. This is a great feature so you can move it around really well outside on grass and over tarmac. It's easily folded up and wheeled away so you can keep it in storage whilst it's not being used.

Will it really be OK in all weathers?

Yes, it has a laminate table top which give it the protection from the heat and will not stain if it gets rained on or even if coffee or kids juices drinks were to be spilt on the table. However, I really don't recommend placing cups or glasses on the table whilst playing table tennis ;-)

Are the legs sturdy?

Yup! They are steel and so sturdy with a built-in fold up mechanism to help you put it together easily. The frames comes with a 1-1/2-inch steel railing and 1-inch round steel legs. Another cool feature about this table is that it provides two safety levers on each table side to provide safety for children or young players that fall against the table. It will not fold up on top of the kids!

This is important because I have noticed that if you're playing with other adults and the children are around they always want to join in and play. Kids will stand by the net and place their hands on the table to get your attention to stop playing so they can play instead! So with that in mind, they could easily push the frame down. So we appreciate that this table comes with the safety levers to protect your children. Accidents do happen and this table makes sure that the chances of that are minimized.

Does it have a good bounce?

The laminate table top, provides a perfect bounce for you and your family. It's a semi-pro bounce which is ideal for beginners or families that just want to have fun.

Does it come with a Net?

Yep, you bet ya! It is 15.24 cm in size and the posts come with a screwable clamp which attaches to the table and then you can tighten the net to the table. The net is propped up by a cord which is then put at each end of the table.

What size and weight is the Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway?

For an outdoor table, its not that heavy at 130 pounds and the dimensions are 60 x 54 x 6 inches which makes it a full sized table tennis table.

What is the shipping weight if I decide to buy?

Shipping Weight is 145 pounds. OK, it's heavy but just take care when you are un-wrapping it and setting it up when you get delivery of it! It's probably a 2-person job to unwrap it, so bear that in mind.

Does it move easily?

Yes, this is one of the main feature of the Butterfly TW23 is the fact that you can fold it in 'playback' mode for playing solo, also fold it completely up and then roll it away.

Overall Summary

The Butterfly TW23 Outdoor Home Rollaway Table Tennis Table is a fantastic table tennis table from a great brand who have thought of everything.

Designed to give you and your family thousands of hours of pleasure while standing the test of time when used outdoors.

However, I would recommend purchasing a cover for the table if you're to store it outside permanently as this will give it added protection from the rain, sun and snow keeping the table looking pristine for years!

We rate this table as it's a real 'back hand smash', so go and get one of these tables and get practicing that serve of yours!!!

The Butterfly TW23 Home Rollaway Ping Pong Table has since been superseded by the slightly upgraded Butterfly TW24 Outdoor Playback Rollaway Table:

Buy The Butterfly TW23 Home Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table Discounted NowBuy the Butterfly TW24 Outdoor Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table (Discount link).(Was $899 now around $699)

We hope that you enjoyed this best table tennis tables review. Please go ahead and leave a comment if you know this table and can help others decide. Enjoy!

Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway Table Tennis Table

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We think the butterfly TW23 is one of the best outdoor tables and will last for years if looked after!

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