How Cool is the Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table?

Joola Nova DX Tour Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review
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The Joola Nova Tour DX outdoor table tennis table is great value for money which was created for outdoor family recreational use.

This table can be placed on grass or patios and you'll have a fantastic game for years to come. People who have this table at home are really pleased with it and are having super games with their family and friends, as the reviews on Amazon show.

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An outdoor table tennis table is great if you’re having a bbq at home and want to invite your friends round.

This Joola Nova Tour DX is a solid table which is great value for money and made by

One of the world’s bests brands in table tennis - Joola!

Before I get in to the features and benefits of the Joola Nova Tour DX outdoor table tennis table, I want to talk about the growth of outdoor table tennis.

For example, in Europe and in particular the United Kingdom the governing sports body “Sports England” have set up a Ping Pong Street festival called ‘Ping England’ and have placed 1000 table tennis tables across the country. Locations in parks, shopping centres and outdoor recreational centres are accessible for everyone to enjoy.

The web site for Ping England is: and you’re able to find a table in your own town, rock up and start playing!

I wish I had this opportunity when I was a kid, it would have been great to show off my skills in front of family and friends and even get more people inspired to play the game.

I think that every state in the USA should consider doing this as it’s a great way to stay active and encourage new people to the wonderful world of table tennis.

OK now onto the review!

What Are The Best Features Of The Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table?

First up Joola, is a premium brand used by the professionals and they have given us pro-recreational players a real treat.

This quality table tennis table is lightweight, smooth to move around and quick to assemble.

Best Table Tennis Tennis sings “halleluJoola!” as Joola bring a quality table at a fantastic price to the market.


So Why Is The The Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table So Cool?

Check out these features:

  • Blue 6mm table top, giving a quality bounce
  • Fold away system, you can a fold each side and comes with a push away solution
  • Smooth Aluminium plastic composite table top
  • Solid Aluminium frame with a powder sealed metal undercarriage
  • Thick durable wheels and made for all types of surface Outdoor all weather proof net
  • Rust Resistant Locking Casters
  • Anti-Tilting Devices
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • BIG BONUS Free shipping ;-)

Let's Talk About Joola (“Yoh-lah”) For A Moment...

It’s important to know that the Joola brand is considered a top quality brand serving the professional community and has a long history with the game.

Quick facts:

  • JOOLA ("YOH-LAH") started in the 1950s
  • Produced its first table tennis table in 1952
  • Joola is the official sponsor for TeamUSA
  • German company
  • Strong brand for professional and home recreational players

Does The Joola DX Tour Have A Good Bounce?

The Joola Nova Tour DX table has a 6mm table top providing a super bounce. This laminate table top gives an ideal amount of bounce which is ideal for beginners or families that just want to have fun.

Does It Come With A Bat And Ball?

Nope, The Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor table does not come with a bat and balls, so you will need to purchase these separately.

Does It Come With A Net?

Yep, you bet ya! The 15.24 cm sized net has two clamps on each side with screwable clamps attaching it to the table. The joola net is supported by a cord which is then tied down at each side of the table.

What size and weight is the Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor?

It's lighter than most outdoor tables tennis tables at 121 pounds and the dimensions are standard regulation size of 9ft x 5ft.

What Is The Shipping Weight if I Decide to Buy?

Shipping Weight is around 135 pounds. It's not all that heavy but please be careful when you are un-wrapping it and setting it up when you get it delivered! It is definitely a two person job and will take around 20mins to set up!!!

So get un-wrapping and start smashing ;-)

Does It Move Easily?

Yes, it comes with thick durable wheels which roll smoothly on an outdoor floor or even grass surface. The wheels are one of the main feature of the Joola Nova DX Tour Table Tennis Table.

They also come with a safety locking casters. Which is a great help! If you’re anything like me and you run round the table when playing and bump in to it, it won’t move ;-) These wheels are perfect for moving the table about before and after the game.

How Does The Joola Nova Tour DX Table Handle Bad Weather Conditions If Stored Outside?

If you have limited space in your garage or covered outside storage, this table is solid enough to be left outside and holds up well in the rain.

I would recommend getting a cover for it, as it's wise to try and keep the table in good condition for a long as possible. If it is exposed to rain, sunlight and even snow it's likely to fade a little and after a few years the table top will crack and become un-usable.

A cover will stop that decay happening and keep you playing for years on the same table. You can purchase a great long lasting cover here for outdoor use.

Overall Summary

The Joola Nova DX Tour Outdoor Table Tennis Table a really good quality table on which to hone your ping pong skills.

This awesome table features a Blue 6mm table top made of aluminium and plastic composite, which really does give a good bounce.

This is a really important factor as there is nothing worse than purchasing a table that doesn’t have a good bounce. You can rely on the Joola brand to understand this particular point and produce a quality table like this one.

Each of the table halves comes with its own rust resistant and powder-coated metal undercarriage and trolley system with four durable wheels.

You can also fold it in halve to practise on your own.

This is a really good table tennis table for the price tag which is great value for money and will withstand the outdoor weather for a very long time to come!

Buy The Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table Buy the Joola Nova DX Tour Outdoor Table Tennis Table discounted on Amazon now!

Thank you for reading this review of one of the best outdoor table tennis tables on the market. Please go ahead and leave a comment!

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