Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 500M Crossover Ping Pong Table Review

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by Mark Kemp | updated May 17 2023
Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review Storage Solution

Let's take a look at one of the best outdoor ping pong tables that we have looked at so far. Cornilleau is focused on the luxury home market and provide table tennis tables that are built to last with elegance.

Their table tennis tables have excellent craftsmanship and are very easy to store away. These tables are also easy to set up when you need to have a game. So here is our in-depth review of the Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 500M Crossover ping pong table. We look at the pros and cons of this table, whether it's for your home or community center.

Cornilleau Community Spirit

Just as a point of trivia which shows how cool the Cornilleau company are: They have an arrangement in the UK to provide all of the community outdoor table tennis tables. These tables are placed in public places and for free use by anyone.

The scheme is run by Ping England, for those of you who are based in the USA Ping England is a government initiative to get the UK healthy. Over the summer they provide outdoor table tennis tables for everyone to enjoy.  The tables can be found in parks, malls, business parks and transportation stations. So much fun. Find out more about Ping England.

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The model in this review is no longer available...

Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 500M Review

The Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 500M Crossover table tennis table is a very cool looking table that is designed for the outdoor (and indoor) family market. It comes in two different color table tops. One in Blue and the other a green/grey color.  built with a solid undercarriage that has DSI technology. This is a locking system that Cornilleau have made themselves that provides a central release handle which makes the table easy to fold away.

It comes with a 'MATTOP' surface to prevent reflection from the sun. This is a great feature if you play outdoors in sunny weather and find it hard to see the ball when it bounces off the table.

The Cornilleau brand is from France and as they have been manufacturing table tennis tables for over 40 years, they really know a thing or two about ping pong tables! Cornilleau focus on the outdoor luxury home market and provide excellent quality tables that are built to stand the test of time.

If you have the budget and you want to impress your family and friends with a top notch table, the Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 500M Crossover table is definitely for you.

Solid frame and undercarriage!

Key Features of the Cornilleau 500M Crossover

  • 10 year Guarantee (standard with Cornilleau tables)
  • 60mm high table
  • 2 x lockable wheels
  • 4 solid wheels for moving the table about
  • 7mm inch laminated table top
  • Solid steel coated frame
  • 158 Ibs total table weight
  • Bat & Ball storage
  • France's best table tennis company!

Is it a Solid Frame?

You bet! It has an extremely sold steel frame which has had an extra support added to the arched legs. The frame comes with two brakes on the wheels to stop it moving. This an essential feature which comes standard on all tables of this quality and build type.

It's also good to see that the legs come with adjustable feet. This table is built for outdoors so it's common that the floor is uneven, this neat little feature takes care of any wobble if the table is placed on an uneven surface. The frame holds the table 62" high which is the exact same height that a professional table should be.

Does The Cornilleau 500M Crossover Have A Good Bounce?

It's a super bounce for a table which is made for the leisure and home market. It's a near professional bounce for a table that is designed for non-competition use. It's not quite a professional bounce as Cornilleau have left that for the 700M Crossover Table. However, it's very hard to tell the difference if you're not a professional table tennis player.

The table has a 7mm thickness which is more than enough to give you the bounce you're looking for. This bounce will give you a good head start when you come to play on a competition table.

We focus on the subject of 'bounce' because the bounce of the ping pong ball is everything in a game of table tennis. Cornilleau would not deliver a table that doesn't have a great bounce for this luxury price tag.

In the 'Sport Outdoor' range of ping pong tables Cornilleau have seven different types of tables. The 500M Crossover being the second most expensive table. The Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 700M Crossover Table Tennis Table is the most expensive in the range.

Does It Come with Bat And Balls?

Nope! It does not. You will need to purchase these separately. However, Cornilleau do also make weatherproof table tennis paddles or bats, which come in set of four with 30 table tennis balls. If you need to get hold of some quality outdoor weatherproof paddles then look no further than here: Cornilleau weatherproof ping pong paddle set with balls.

The Cornilleau range is really comprehensive and as we said before, they are the outdoor ping-pong experts. That's what they have mainly concentrated on for 40 years!

Nice storage for Bats N Balls

Does it Come with A Net?

Yes the Sport Outdoor 500M does come with a special retractable net which is a top feature of this range of tables. It's built for all weather types and made from polyester making it totally waterproof.

The retractable net means that it rolls up automatically when you fold the table away making it better for storage space. You can adjust the net height and tension of the string which holds the net together from each end of the table.

What Is The Size And Weight Of The Table?

It's a standard size professional table tennis table with playing dimensions of 64" wide and 30" deep.  It weights 72Kg.

Full dimension are:

  • Height 62"
  • Depth 30"
  • Width 64"
  • Weight 158lbs

Does it Move Easily?

The wheels are extra strength with two grooves to give them the combined benefit of durability and safety with their wheel-locking system to stop the table moving. The wheels are 8" in diameter which is a nice big size to provide good mobility.

Solid Wheels!

Overall Summary?

If you have a need for table tennis table in the back yard that is to stay outside in all weathers then This Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 500M is an excellent choice.

The 500M has a much better specification, stronger frame and a better bounce than it's little sister, the Cornilleau Sport Outdoor 250M Crossover table and the wheels are solid as a rock when locked.

That is not to say the 250M is a bad table, it just a matter of less features on a cheaper table. These 500M tables are built to last in all weathers and are easy on the storage with ball and paddle storage pocket on the side (pictured).

For the money, you get a very solid table with a near professional bounce. The key thing to note is that if you're playing with your family and children in mind, it has edge protection.

It will happen at some point that someone will bump into the edge of the table. It can hurt a lot as corners are sharp and Cornilleau have thought about this.

That is why this table tennis table is made for the home market. There is no doubt that this is a luxury table and it comes with a large price tag but it's worth it if you're family that loves playing table tennis and you have the outdoor space.

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The model in this review is no longer available...

Buying A Table Cover

It will definitely be a good investment, last for many years (if you also cover it when not in use) and it will get used a great deal.

You can get hold of some great Cornilleau ping pong table covers for looking after the table when it's not in use. Protection from the sun and rain is a good idea. A cover will protect your investment for many years.

My Father brought me a table when I was 6 and I never stopped playing! That was over 30 years ago. That table was not a Cornilleau, but in my mind it was one of the best table tennis tables I had ever seen. The rest is history!

Cornilleau Sport 500 M Indoor/Outdoor [Video]


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