Why Is The Stiga Premium Compact Ping Pong Table So Popular?

Stiga Premium Compact Table Tennis Table Review
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Stiga Premium Compact Ping Pong Table Review

#2 on our best indoor ping pong tables list, the Stiga indoor table in this review is a world class, ITTF approved table which comes pre-assembled. It has an excellent rollaway and compact fold away system. An attractive feature, for when you might want to put the table away.

These features have placed this professional table tennis table firmly as one of the top indoor tables on the market.

About the Stiga Brand!

Stiga is a Swedish company that has been at the top of the table tennis world for over 70 years. They are world class in table tennis equipment, including, table tennis rubbers, blades, tables, and clothing.

Stiga has close cooperation with numerous world class players and coaches, including the China A Team, so that they understand every professional’s need and keep refining their product to keep up with the competitive world of table tennis.

The Integrated Net Of The Stiga Premium Compact Indoor Table

The Stiga Premium Range of Ping Pong Tables

Stiga has produced various tables in the competition range like Premium Roller, Showcourt, Expert VM, and many others along with the Stiga Premium Compact. Each model has its own speciality, but the Premium compact model stands out amongst all other models due to the advanced features and the ease of use and its compactness for reducing the amount of storage it takes when you want to fold the table away.

We aim to provide an in-depth review of the table in a way that gives you a clear overview of the Premium Compact table and helps you on deciding why this indoor professional table tennis is a must have.


The table is made up using advanced technology and top-notch quality product materials. The ultimate table design and safety features enhance the playability and are convenient for all the table tennis players. This indoor tournament table has a super easy folding system and allows for a quick setup in just one motion.

The table comes pre- assembled, which gives you an easy set-up, as the assembling and breaking down of the table is so simple almost anyone can do it. Moreover, with the availability of large 5 inch wheels at the bottom of the table, it's smooth rollaway the table across your carpet area and set up the table anywhere you want.

The table comes with a compact system is easily foldable you can save quite a lot of space at your home. The premium compact feature of the table facilitates compact storage that is only 22 inches deep. The storage position dimensions are approximately 60 inches in width, 22 inches in depth, and 62 inches in height.

With commercial-grade pistons attached to the table, the opening and closing of the table could be done in one motion and by any individual. You just need to pull the lever and push it up or down, the direction of pushing the lever will depend whether you want to open the table or close the table.

Sitga Premium Compact assembly instructions [Video]

The table has a 1” thick table top and meets all the regulations framed by the International Table Tennis Federation. The table top provides a seamless playing experience as it is sanded and UV filled prior to multiple coats of specialised paints. A clear top coat is used for finishing after applying multiple coats of specialised paints to get the perfect smooth finish that is present in every classic tournament table.

Even if you have placed the table on an undulated surface, it won’t affect your playing experience as the table is backed up with heavy-gauge steel legs. The legs of the Premium Compact are made up of heavy-gauge steel for a rock solid base. The best part is you can adjust the leg levels on all four corners to have a table that is perfectly levelled and is ideal for a tournament level performance.

Silk screen striping is also present to ensure a smooth playing surface. Other tables don’t have a flawless playing surface due to the application of a sticker like component, which makes the table surface look uneven and the difference is noticeable. But the Premium Compact has a silky screen that process prints the ink directly on the table top for a seamless and perfect playing surface.

A 2-2/5 inches steel apron is also present to support the top of the table for even bounces across the table top. The apron features an ITTF logo.

It's a good table to own if you play ping pong as a recreation pastime but it's really ideal for people who want to advance their game. If you are not a novice and at least have some playing knowledge, then this should be your next table. This table is sure to turn a good player into a pro as it the bounce is excellent and you won't want to stop playing anytime soon.

If you are a table tennis lover and love playing table tennis game in your leisure time then this is the table for you. You can start feeling the difference in your playing skills from the very first match only.

Easy Folding Mechanism Of The Stiga Premium Compact Table

Stiga Premium Compact Frame and Undercarriage

The premium compact table features a heavy-duty chassis that has multiple cross beams to support the unparalleled strength of the table. The chassis is designed in a way that allows for smooth opening and closing of the table by just one person and in only one motion. The 5” machine-grade casters allow the table to move smoothly from one place to another.

So, it would not be incorrect to say that the table is not only compact but also highly portable. The self-opening legs that deploy automatically while opening and closing the table add up to the safety and convenience factor.

Apart from all this, the heavy-gauge steel legs with the leg levelers and 2-2/5 inches steel apron make the table even more ideal for having a tournament level performance.

With such impeccable features, you can only get addicted to playing more on this table as it adds much to the playing experience. You will be transformed from a hobby player into an aggressive competition player! You are getting an even top surface to play which is backed up by heavy-duty chassis and firm leg levelers. The entire setup is made up of a really high-quality material that imparts a professional look and a professional feel to every player.

With the Premium Compact, you are sure to become a pro within some time. Stiga is in close association with the world class table tennis players and coaches which make the company aware of the exact needs of a professional and hence, its entire product range is designed in a way that suits your playing needs. Hence, you can only expect to become better and better with every tournament you play on this table.

The features offered by Premium Compact are simply incomparable, and this product can be considered as their best table manufactured till date. You can get the feel of a professional tournament match even by playing indoors with this table.

Meeting The Future Stars featuring Truls Möregårdh! [Video]

What are the specifications of Stiga Premium Compact Table?

Table Top

25 mm fibreboard or 1” tournament grade-top: The 1” thick tournament table top is designed in a way that it not only imparts a clear top coat having a smooth finish but also matches all the regulations set by the (ITTF) International Table Tennis Federation. This gives us peace of mind that it gives us a tournament level performance. The professional look and feel of the table will give you the feel as if you are playing in a real tournament with professional table tennis players.

Silk Screen Striping

Other ping pong tables use the application of a sticker like component on the tabletop surface which makes the top surface look undulated and anyone can spot the irregularities. But in the case of a Premium Compact Table, a separate technology is used where the ink is directly applied on the table top to ensure a flat and even playing surface.

Premium VM net and post set inclusion

The net and post set features include a premium cotton blend net that matches tournament quality net requirements and also has a precision tension adjustment.


  • 2-2/5” steel apron: The 2-2/5” profiled steel apron acts as the biggest support of the table top and ensures even bouncing of every ball across the entire table
  • 2.25” x 1.75” steel legs: The 2.25” x 1.75” steel legs not only support the entire table but also make sure that you get an even level for playing. The rock hard steel legs ensure firm and even positioning of the whole table from all ends
  • Multiple cross beam supports: The heavy-duty steel chassis has multiple cross beam supports that provide an unparalleled strength to the entire table
  • 4 leg levellers: This helps a lot when you have placed the table on an undulated surface
  • Even if you are playing on an undulated land surface, the adjustable leg levelers will make sure that the undulated floor does not become a hindrance in your tournament.

Commercial-grade pistons

The opening and closing of a heavy indoor professional table tennis table was never this easy. With the availability of commercial-grade pistons, opening and closing of the table can be done by any person and in a single motion. You just need to pull the lever and push it upwards or downwards, depending on whether you want to open the table or close the table. It facilitates an easy setup and easy wrap-up of the table before and after every match.

5” Ball bearing casters: The 5” ball bearing casters allow for smooth transportability of the table. You can roll the table from one area of your house to another.

1-year Manufacturer's warranty: Though the product is highly durable and is sure to last for years to come, the manufacturers have attached a one year warranty with this table.

Many ping pong table reviews just introduce the specifications in one line, but this does not give a clear idea to people in terms of how these specifications add up to the product. I have reviewed the product keeping in mind all the minor issues and with a view of sharing a detailed and useful synopsis to help you decide which table to buy.

Folded Stiga Premium Compact With Coaster Wheels Is Easy To Move

Quick FAQ’s About the Stiga Premium Compact

Does it come with a net?

Yes, it does. The table comes with a premium VM net and a post set that is included to give you a tournament level play.

What's the bounce like?

The bounce is flawless on this table. The 1” tournament top with silk screen stripping and 2-2/5” steel apron facilitates for smooth and even bounce across the entire table. The 1” tournament top with silk screen stripping ensures even and flat surface whereas, the 2-2/5” steel apron supports the entire table top which makes every bounce a flawless one.

What is the thickness of the table?

The thickness of the playing surface is 1”, and the table’s width is approximately 60 inches, height is 62 inches, and depth is 22 inches.

Does it come with a racket and a ball?

No, it doesn’t. You will have to buy a racket and a ball separately.

Meeting The Future Stars featuring Tin-Tin Ho! [Video]

Is the table easily foldable?

Yes. You can quickly open and fold the Premium Compact with the help of commercial-grade pistons attached to the table. Though, the first look of the table might give you a feeling that this table is impossible to open and close by a single person. But this is not the case. Anyone can easily fold the table in one motion. You just need to pull the lever and push it downwards. It will be folded. Alternatively, if you want to open the table, then just push the lever upwards. Nothing can be simpler than this.

Is the table easy to assemble?

You need not assemble the table as it is already done from the company's end. The table comes 100% assembled. You will just find that the table is blocked up in the box, around 4 inches.

Is it a professional table?

Yes, it is. The table has been made keeping in mind all the regulations set by the International Table Tennis Federation and hence, is ITTF approved as well. You can get the feel of a professional play while playing on it.

Stiga, the pioneer in making the world’s best ping pong tables, has made this product by keeping in mind every need of a professional table tennis player.

The company is in close association with 'world class', table tennis players and coaches hence, they know what the exact need of a professional is, and they keep on upgrading their product accordingly. The Premium Compact is an example of an upgraded table that is designed to match every professional’s level.

What would it be like if I own this table at home?

The table is a perfect match if you want to enjoy a professional level tournament at home. The table is no less than what professionals use for their competitions. The best part is it is compact and facilitates transportability. Hence, you can never face any problem in this regard. This indoor professional table is sure to give you the feel of a live professional tournament taking place in a table tennis court.

How would my family benefit from having this table?

This table is not only going to enhance the table tennis playing skills of your family members but will also increase the likeliness to play this game. With every match, you are going to love this table even more as it provides a seamless playing experience. Moreover, it is sure to increase your family time spent together as you can play anytime with your family members and for as long as you want.

Drill Your Skills with China National Team - Part 11 [Video]

Pros and Cons

This world’s best table is a good value for money and is ideal for every table tennis player. But unlike other products, even this product has some pros and cons. Moreover, the ping pong reviews are incomplete without pros and cons.


  1. It does not take up much space.
  2. It is easily foldable.
  3. It is ITTF approved.
  4. The product is highly durable.
  5. It's a professional table and will last for a very long time to come!
  6. It's a great investment.


  1. It is really heavy.
  2. Not all carriers might be able to deliver it to your doorsteps.
  3. Though the table comes 100% assembled, it comes in a block. So you might face a problem with that. You will need a person to help you out with it.

What's the verdict?

In a word, Awesome! It's professional indoor table tennis table, that will provide you with years of fun.

The Premium Compact, an upgraded model, launched by Stiga that has all the relevant features that a professional table tennis player needs. Its design, features, and compactness are the main USP of this indoor professional table.

The table is just perfect if you enjoy playing indoor table tennis as the table is no less than a professional table that professional players use during their matches. You can enjoy playing with your family, friends, and guests that drop by the house.

This is the best table available in the relevant category and is value for money. The highly durable product is made up using top-notch materials alongside state of the art manufacturing processes.

Moreover, the attachment of the brand name Stiga to this professional table adds up to its value even more and is sure to meet every player’s expectations. With Premium Compact you can expect to nurture your playing skills even more, as the flat and even surface backed up with strong chassis and profiled steel are sure to provide you with a seamless playing experience.

The bounce is 'excellent' on this table and with the approval of ITTF; it becomes an even more reliable product.

One of the main benefits with the table is that it comes 100% assembled and you need not spend hours assembling the table with the help of a manual. The easy opening and closing of the table also make it the best buy. Even a child can open and fold the table. The commercial-grade pistons make it very easy to do so.

Moreover, with the availability of 1” tournament grade top, heavy-gauge steel legs, silk screen striping, 2-2/5” steel apron and many other features you are sure to like this table. Overall it is a must buy and the best available ping pong table in the market. We firmly believe that the Premium Compact derserves it's place in our best indoor ping pong tables list.

Stiga Premium Compact Table Tennis Table [Video]

Premium Compact Table Tennis Table

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We rate the Stiga Premium Compact Indoor Table with 5 stars, not only because it' so popular, bit because it's a great table!
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hi - i am looking to buy a TT table at the moment and this review is very informative. Can you advise if the Premium Compact has playback facility - is it possible to play by yourself? Thanks, John
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Hi John, great question. No, the Stiga Premium Compact Table does not have a playback facility because it folds in the center. This means that you cannot separate the two halves and have one half upright for the playback surface!

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