Is The JOOLA Tour 1800 The Best Indoor Table?

best indoor table tennis table joola tour 1800 undercarriage review
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OK, ping pong people! This is the second table tennis table in the pro-recreational range brought to us by JOOLA. They have three tables in this range, the Tour 1500, Tour 1800 and the Tour 2500 which best-table will review for you.

We pride ourselves on creating the most detailed and in-depth reviews on the market, so please check back in the near future for more!

JOOLA bring us a classic pro-recreational table: the JOOLA Tour 1800 reviewed here, which comes with an 18mm table top in a fantastic matt blue color.

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So what difference does 18mm table top make? The difference is a better bounce which is a little faster off the table. It's almost a professional bounce, not quite but pretty close, giving this table an incredible all-round pro-recreational feel and quality for an affordable price.

We at say YES to the JOOLA Tour 1800 and here's why!

What are the best features of the JOOLA Tour 1800 Table Tennis Table?

  • Full size Table Tennis Table
  • You can you fold it in half
  • It comes with a professional easy to use net
  • Super cool lockable wheels
  • A very sturdy black powered coated metal frame
  • Slightly thicker top and more stable than the Joola Tour 1500
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to store away after the game
  • Double Anti-tilting feature

At first glance, I notice the quality of the build and how sturdy the table is, with a double anti-tilting device which added to the safety of the table.

The table top is a matt blue color with the white lines for separation if you want to play doubles. It's interesting to see that the 40mm metal undercarriage is better and stronger than the tour 1500 table. The Tour 1800 also comes with a 18mm table top which is better than a 15mm table top for the bounce and speed of the game.

The table comes with automatic folding legs and smooth pushable wheels. As standard, the it comes with a double anti-tilting feature which is perfect for safety if you or your child leans on the table with serious preasure. Don't worry, you will be protected from the table collapsing on you!

Another thing we noticed is how easy it is to fold up and put in to storage. As this is an indoor table tennis table most people will be playing at home in the garage or in the day room. So it's important to know that once you have finished playing you can easily store it away.

In addition, for increased safety, a double anti-tilting feature and locks on the wheels have been added, making the playback feature an easy adjustment.

Initial assembly is quick, while storage is easy and efficient since the halves can be folded up allowing for the table to be stored away easliy.

A frequent question that comes up is, why don't I got for the next table up (Joola Tour 2500) or a professional table if we can afford it? Make no mistake, this a professional table, just not major league, it's good enough for home or lower club leagues, but it's a double barreled question.

I would ask myself, are my children going to progress up to club level? Have we spotted a talent that is progressing nicely?

Or is this table only going to be used for a bit of fun once in a while. If you really like playing and want a pro-recreational table, then this is the table for you at a fantastic price.

It's all about affordability and usability. The Joola Tour 1800 table, is a classic table with a fantastic bounce, perfect for any family to enjoy for hours on end for years to come.

If you were wondering what 1800 stands for, it means 18mm table top and that's the height of the table top.

To summarize, the Joola Tour 1800 Table Tennis Table is perfect for playing at indoor homes, community centers, schools, garages and in my case I learnt to play in the 'Summer House' at the end of the garden.

This is a brilliant all-round semi-professional table tennis table, perfect to start learning on and playing with your family. The bounce is really good and once you start playing on a table at this level you might want to graduate to a club and start playing against your local community.

OK, here are some quick facts for you too glance over if you're in a hurry.

Does it come with a Net?

Yep, you bet ya! All the nets are standard across the Joola Tour range, but this is 15.24 cm and the posts come with a screwable clamp which attaches to the table and then you can tighten the net to the table. The net is propped up by a cord which is then put at each end of the table.

What does TeamUSA approved mean?

TeamUSA is the US government national community which supports the game to help professional players in the Olympics and Paralympic. So the table and brand you're buying has been approved by the USA team, meaning the table to be perfectly fit to play on.

What size and weight is the JOOLA Tour 1800 Indoor Table Tennis Table?

It's slightly heaver than the Joola tour 1500 at 180 pounds

The dimensions are: 108 x 60 x 30 inches

What is the shipping weight, if I decide to buy?

Shipping Weight: 226 pounds

Does it move easily?

Yes, the wheels are lockable and standard across all the Joola tour range. It's best to lock them when you're playing, but when you have finished playing it's so easy to unlock the wheels and move the table when you have folded it in half.

These tables are designed for in-door use, meaning their wheels are perfect for carpet or wooden floors. I would prefer to use it on wooden floors as you will get a slightly smoother push from the wheel, but carper is also perfectly fine. It's great feature that insures your tables doesn't move when you're smashing your opponent.

Is it steady and why does the weight make a difference?

With the lockable wheels and the metal framing that it comes with, it's so steady and you won't want to worry about it collapsing or anything.

What's the bounce like?

I love it, if you're looking for a step up on the Joola 1500 tour table, this definitely bounces much higher. 18mm inch gives the ball a more solid bounce off the table.

Does it come with a bat and balls?

No, you will need to purchase a separate bat and ball.

Buy the best Joola Tour 1800 Table Tennis Table Reviewed Buy the Joola Tour 1800 Table Tennis Table

Thank you so much for reading this review of one of the best indoor table tennis tables. I hope you found this useful and it will help you on your table tennis journey.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. Chop Chop, it's time to get practising!

2011 JOOLA North American Teams Table Tennis Championships Finals - Lin Ju vs Chao Zhang

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