Stiga STS 520 Ping Pong Table Has Great Design With Purpose

STIGA STS 520 Indoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga STS 520 Table Tennis Table Review

This Stiga STS 520 is the latest in our series of indoor table tennis tables reviews and it's one of the best value tables on the market. You also get prestige brand association of the Stiga name. Stiga have been in the business of Table Tennis since 1944 and sponsor the Chinese table tennis stars Xu Xin and Guo Yue, who are part of the worlds number 1 Chinese team.

Stiga produce outstanding table tennis bats (blades or paddles), ping pong rubbers and tables. They are always developing their products by working with world class table tennis players and helping to evolve this wonderfully competitive game of table tennis.

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The Stiga STS Range Of Ping Pong Tables

Stiga have produce three different tables in the STS (Stiga Tournament Series) range, The STS 385, STS 420 and now the STS 520. I kind of feel that Stiga have produced this range for people who want to own an 'tournament table' at home or to have a quality table tennis in a community center.  The reason these STS tables differ from other tables in the Stiga table tennis range is that they have catered for the home market with a few additional features that makes these tables stand out from the crowd. 

STS Playback mode!

Stiga STS 520 Features

All the tables in the STS range have plastic 'child protection corners' in each corner of the table. These are essential if you're playing with children of any age. If they bump into the table during a game they will be protected from sharp corners.

Another feaure which stands out is the superb 'ball storage solution' which is neatly tucked in at each end of the table just under the playing sides. This is about the best ball storage solution I have seen on any table in the market.

It's such a hassle picking up the ball every time you lose a point that this ball storage solution makes a big difference. Even though losing a point is very much part of the game, you can make it easier by just picking up a new ball from the ball store!

The Stiga STS 520 comes in a clear blue solid table top with a white outline and white line down the middle of the table. These white lines clearly define the edges of the table and define the center line in a game of doubles.

The quality of the table top is classic for the Stiga brand providing a 1" thick table top which is similar to what you would find on a tournament or major competition table top. The top has a special UV coated paint layer giving you a sparkling, protected finish that is smooth and durable enough to last for many years.

STS 520 Frame and Undercarriage

The undercarriage of the frame which holds the 1" table top in place is a durable black 2.5" steel apron. This is supported by adjustable feet for uneven floors. It's quite a heavy frame and solid enough to support the playing area table top under any playing condition.

 5" STS 520 lockable wheels

The legs are foldable and come with feet levelers which are great if you are using the table in a garage or community hall that has uneven floors (and don't they all?!). The wheels provided are 5" lockable rubber sports wheels on mag rims, giving you a smooth rollaway solution when you're ready to pack up and put the table in to storage.

The craftsmanship and smooth 1" coated table top simply invites you to play a game even if you're not a pro. It's just amazing how good looking the table actually is. If you weren't a table tennis player before, this table is definitely enticing enough to make you want to play for hour and hours on end!

Become an expert in your own right and impress your friends and neighbors with this table. Beware though, because once you've fallen for the game the Stiga brand owns you and the table tennis bug gets you!

This table can turn your once passive persona in to a competitive, point-hungry, fantastic ping pong player!! ;-)

As I've said, Stiga is a top-of-the-range table tennis Brand manufacturer of top quality tournament table tennis tables. If you want to have one of the best table tennis table brands at home then, personally I think Stiga brand is for you! You get the added bonus of Swedish design because that's where the company is headquartered.

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What Are The Specifications Of The Stiga STS 520?

  •  Stylish ball holder
  •  Foldable legs for easy storage
  •  1inch competition grade blue special coated table top that is made to last
  •  Clip mounted net & post
  •  2.5 Industrial strength steel legs with levers
  •  4 x 5inch lockable wheels
  •  Built with the home and leisure market in mind
  •  Shipped from within USA
  •  Stiga - one of the best known brands in table tennis

STS 520 Ping Pong Ball Storage Solution

I know I risk repeating myself, but the ball storage solution on this table really is one of the best I have ever seen.  In my 36 years of playing I've never seen such a neat idea for storing ping pong balls on a table tennis table! Just look at the picture below and you will get the idea.

 Awesome ball storage solution!

The ball storage seamlessly integrates with the edge of the table and doesn't interfere with your game. Great design work and thought that has gone in to this so well done STIGA! Full marks for great Swedish design. This really is one of the finest features I have seen on any table tennis table. As I said, picking up the ball during a game is a bit of a hassle especially as it usually means that you just lost a point!

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Quick Facts About The Stiga STS 520

72" Clip-on Post & Net Solution With Quality Adjustable Cotton Net

Does it come with a net?

Yep, it sure does a 72" Clip and Post solution with a quality adjustable net.

What's the frame or undercarriage like?

It comes with a black solid steel frame and 2" square caster beams. The foldable legs are supported by leg levelers which is great for uneven floors. In the center of the frame it has 5" lockable wheels to allow for good rolling movement when you have finished the game need to store the table away.

Is the bounce any good?

The bounce is all about the thickness of the table top, with a 25mm table top it's the same as a competition table. Great bounce and quality table top.

Does it come with a racket and ball?

Nope, you will need to buy separate racket and ball set. (Amazon from $60)

How easy is it to put together?

The table does not come pre-assembled and you will have to put this table tennis table together once it arrives. You will need at least an hour to put this together. Follow the instructions carefully and you won't have too much trouble.

The table comes with a very solid frame and that needs some time to put together along with the table top and wheels that fix onto the undercarriage. I would recommend having a helper with you to put this together! Team work is definitely required, as it will need two people to hold the frame parts while putting it together and screwing the table top on to the frame.

Stiga STS 520 Pro's and Con's

This is an outstanding indoor table and good value for money. There are only a couple of minor drawbacks which I feel is right to mention before you consider owning one of these slick, stylish and smooth table tennis tables.


  • It's not an outdoor table tennis table
  • Does not come pre-assembled

Notes on the Con's of the STS 520

Although I don't advise using the STS 520 outdoors at all, if you do take it outside then please make sure it's put away indoors after the game. You don't want the sunlight or rain to damage the table top or get rust on the frame.

When building the table you will need at least two people to put this together as it is a very heavy table. It will take about half an hour to setup and start playing.


  • Great value for money
  • Super design ball storage
  • 25mm table top making a great bounce

Stiga Supreme Racket Video

Stiga STS 520 Review Conclusion

The Stiga STS 520 is a very professional table built with a very high-end focus on the frame, table-top and all-round materials. Stiga have thought of everything from the ball storage to child protective corners. Stiga have made this a great blend of a professional table tennis table with a home and leisure table.

This table is designed for players that are slightly more advanced than beginners. That said it's perfect for families or communities that want to step up their game and play on a competitive tournament type of table.

Compare STIGA STS Outdoor Models and Prices

Image Model Title Assembly Color Made In Storage Playback Mode Shipped From Shipping Table Top Warranty Rating Lowest price Buy now Detail
Buy the STIGA STS 510 Indoor Ping Pong Table STIGA
STS 510
STIGA STS 510 Table Tennis Table Assembly required Blue No Yes USA Free 25.00mm 1 year
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#3 - Top 10 Table Tennis Tables: Buy the STIGA STS 520 now STIGA
STS 520
STIGA STS 520 Table Tennis Table QuickPlay - 30 minute assembly Blue Ball holder only Yes USA Free 25.00mm n/a
#6 - Top 10 Table Tennis Tables: Buy the STIGA STS 420 now STIGA
STS 420
STIGA STS 420 Table Tennis Table QuickPlay - 30 minute assembly Blue Ball holder only Yes USA Free 25.00mm n/a
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Stiga STS 285 Indoor Table Tennis Table with InstaPlay technology STIGA
STS 285
STIGA STS 285 Table Tennis Table Quick/pre-assembled Blue Ball holder only Yes USA Free 19.00mm n/a
Check prices
Stiga STS 285 Indoor Table Tennis Table STIGA
STS 185
STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table Quick/pre-assembled Blue Ball holder only Yes USA Free 19.00mm n/a
Check prices
#7 - Top 10 Table Tennis Tables: Buy the STIGA STS 385 now STIGA
STS 385
STIGA STS 385 Table Tennis Table QuickPlay - 30 minute assembly Blue No Yes USA Free 19.00mm n/a

For me, to have this table at home growing up would have been a bit of a dream. The bounce and solid framing makes the STS 520 an outstanding purchase. It's without doubt one of the best indoor table tennis tables you can buy right now!

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