Is It Worth Buying The Stiga InstaPlay Ping Pong Table?

stiga instaPlay indoor table tennis table

First of all, our review shows that there are some negative points about this Stiga indoor ping pong table. We don't mean to be too negative but it's important to review these table tennis tables honestly.

The Stiga Instaplay is no longer available

We just mean to give you all the informaton so that you can make an informed choice. I say this upfront because it's one of the best-sellers in the USA but that does not neccessarily mean that it's the best table.

Is The Stiga Instaplay Ping Pong Table A Good Purchase?

At first glance, I notice that this table tennis table has a black table top! I'm not really sure why Stiga have done this, but I guess that it's meant to be a table that is suitable for placing in an office, community hall or at home rather than a competition table. Table tennis is now becoming so cool and trendy, so why not have a black table top for your ping pong table? It adds to the fun and most people are used to seeing a blue or green table top.

So in keeping with a fun color, Stiga have produced the InstaPlay table tennis table which gives the purpose away in the name. The idea is that you can play table tennis instantly. There is no long or complex setup when you purchase the ping pong table from new.

It's an out of the box setup and you can InstaPlay with a great bounce!

For the past 70 years Stiga have been supporting the table tennis professional community and providing us with great products. Stiga know exactly what they are doing!

Who Are STIGA?

Stiga are without a doubt one of strongest brands in the table table tennis world. They are originally from Sweden and have been providing the table tennis market with superior products for over 70 years. They started producing paddles, blades, rubbers by working closely with world-class table tennis players. This means that they have had first hand experience of the game to improve, develop and evolve their products.

They currently sponsor the Swedish National Table Tennis Team and the Chinese National Team. The Chinese national team are currently #1 in the world, so you can bet that with Stiga you're in safe hands.

What Cool Features Does This Stiga InstaPlay Have?

This table has a thick black metal frame which is 3/4” with 2 very strong folding legs and 4 moveable wheels on each side.

No setup required!

The nice thing about these wheels is that they are lockable. This is an essential feature if you will be smashing the ball with your friends and family and the game starts to get competitive. You are very likely to move in to the table and make it shift position or shake around. These locks will stop that and help you enjoy the game.

Whist this is an indoor table, it's ok to use it outdoors but I would only recommend you use the table outdoors if it's good weather and not raining. If you want to ensure that the table top stays good for many years to come, don't leave this table outside. Make sure you store it indoors or in a garage with a cover on it for protection.

To re-iterate, the Stiga InstaPlay ping pong table is an indoor table tennis table but the manufacturers description is not that clear on this. The wheels are really only for indoor use and they don't have the extra thick rubber ring around them like a good outdoor table does. So if you are to use it outdoors, try to use it on a flat, concrete or tiled area rather than grass.

What's It Like For Storing Away?

It's a really easy ping pong table to store away, as Stiga provide two movable table heads with wheels so you can move them tightly together making good use of space.

I personally like this feature, because when you want to put the table away you can fold it in half and push them together to keep the storage space right down.

Most tables have a little gap when they are folded because the undercarriage has its frame in that space.

Are There Any Safety Features?

The safety feature that is immediately notiecable are the 2 inch steel aprons on each corner of the table.

This is a great safety feature if you're playing with children and are worried about them bumping their head.

Does It Come With A Net?

It sure does but most ping pong tables come with a net and posts. The Stiga InstaPlay table provides a 66 inch net which is very easy to set up and use.

Most nets come with a string to pull at each end to keep the net tight, but this just slides on to the post and gives it a slick modern look to the table.

What Size And Weight Is The Stiga Instaplay?

This table is 62.6 x 57.1 x 6 inches in size and 301 pounds in weight.

What's The Bounce Like?

Stiga know what they're doing and have produced a table with a good bounce.

It's not a professional table tennis table, but it's certainly good enough for the recreational player who wants to smash the ball and out-think his opponent.

Does It Come With A Bat And Balls?

Unfortunately not. You will need to purchase your own paddle and ping pong balls.

What's The Verdict?

Our conclusion is that the Stiga Instaplay may not be the best ping pong table on the market even though it is a best-seller on

The legs are in an odd place right at the edge of the table

The legs are in an odd place right at the edge of the table. If you were to do some serious moving around and stepping in to reach the ball, you might hit your leg on the table leg and that could be an issue. Most professional tables have their legs placed quite far inside so this doesn't happen. The table however is made with good quality materials and it's sturdy enough to last quite a few years.

Having said that Sitga have not made this table with either amateur or professional ping pong players in mind. It's a purely recreational ping pong table.

So it makes sense that It doesn't come with an ITTF approved badge. This means that you can't use it for competitions or local club matches.

I don't really see that as a problem as it's built for the recreational players who want to have fun and play with their friends.

So I would say that it's a great table for using in the office or with family. You can enjoy the instant setup feature to have the pleasure of playing ping pong at any time and in any place. It's a great all-round table for communities, schools or at home for a fun, indoor table tennis game.

You don't have to spend anytime putting this indoor ping pong table together, it's the Stiga InstaPlay!  So that can't be a bad thing...



The Stiga Instaplay is no longer available

Chop Chop, get practicing!

Stiga Instaplay Ping Pong Table Review [Video]

STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

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