How Great Is The Stiga STS 420 Indoor Ping Pong Table?

Stiga-STS-420 indoor Ping Pong Table
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Indoor table tennis tables are a great way to get the family together and have some fun connecting with each other. It beats watching TV in the evenings and you might get a little fitter in the process.

I always used to take great pleasure in smashing my Dad at table tennis and loved having our indoor table tennis table in a shed at the end of the garden.

Best Table Tennis Tables have reviewed a range of indoor table tennis tables and you can check out the different models on our site.

Check Prices on the Stiga STS 420 Table Buy the Stiga STS 420 Indoor Table Tennis Table (Around $899.99)

The Stiga STS 420 is a very good indoor ping pong table and would be a great asset to a family who love playing at home and have a keen interest in the game. This table is for serious home players, as it's a seriously good-looking table.  

Stiga STS 420 is a Tournament Grade Ping Pong Table perfect for the home market.

Stiga STS have five different table tennis tables in the Stiga Tournament Series (STS) range. Each come with a different price tag, table thickness and features associated with the tables.

The Stiga STS 420 is probably the best value ping pong table in the range. The top-featured table in the range is the Stiga STS 520 and although it has a slightly better frame and table top, it's not such a big difference that it would affect your overall game.

Let's take a closer look at this mighty fine Stiga STS 420 Table Tennis Table. This is definitely a tournamant grade ping pong table for the home market. It has a sold frame, a perfect table top thickness and a few extra fun features which make the game really enjoyable.


Stiga is one of the worlds best brands

What Are The Main Features That Make This Table Tennis Table So Great?

  • 1" Blue tournament ready table top, with a QuickPlay Chassis (quick to setup)
  • Good undercarriage with 2.5' legs with levers
  • Solid lockable 5' Mag Wheels
  • It's easy to fold away for storage after the game
  • Easy to use clip-on Net and Post solution 
  • Egde Ball storage solution (exclusive feature to Stiga)

This table tennis table is a purchase for life!

The quality of the table top is superb and itcomes with a silk screened white stripes and a 1" table-top thickness, This makes the bounce perfect for a high-level or semi-pro table tennis game.

The undercarriage is a black frame with white edges that provide a locking system for stability during the game. This ping pong table also looks very stylish and Stiga have added screw-able feet allowing you to make adjustments if the floor is slightly un-even.

A good feature is the additional black cross bars support providing strength and stability to the frame

For easy transport and storage the table comes with 5" sports rubber tire wheels which also have lockable clips to stop the table rolling away when you're playing a game. 

Stiga is one of the worlds best know table tennis brands and also seems to be one of the longest established.

Stiga actually sponsor the Chinese table tennis team, who are currently number 1 in the world right now. So Stiga must be doing something right and have the marketing power and market knowledge to provide great products. 

Quick Facts:

Does It Come With A Net?

Yes, it's a clip on net with posts. This provides good flexibility when you want to put the table away quickly after your game.

What Size Is The Stiga STS 420 Ping Pong Table?

The dimensions are 60" width x 68" Depth and 62" Height.

Does The Stiga STS 420 Have A Solid Frame And Undercarriage?

Yes, it has 2 x half inch self opening strong gauge steel legs, with 3 x 1/2" leg levelers and welded cross brace. Strong enough to withstand a very competitive game.

What's The Bounce Like?

Competition grade bounce, the STS 420 come with a 1 inch table top thickness. Perfect bounce for any match. 

Does It Come With A Bat And Ball? 

Nope! you will have to buy a bats and ping pong balls to play.

Is It Easy To Put Together?

Stiga have provided a QuickPlay chassis which basically means that it's already half built in the package. So when you have to assemble the table you wont have to do all that much work.

You will need a screwdriver to attach the table legs. Once you have done that job, you're ready to start playing table tennis.

What's The Conclusion?

This is not an ITTF approved table, so Stiga have definitely made this table for the home or local community market that are not at a competitive level.

That said, it's definitely a good enough table to have competitive matches on it and is stylish enough to have in your home giving it a little wow-factor.

If you have the budget and love playing table tennis, go for it. Don't hold back! It's a BIG YES. I love the fact that it has a ball rack on the player sides of the table.

I haven't actually ever seen this feaure on any other table or ping pong brand. It makes such a difference to your practise game. It's these little features that make it an all-round tip-top table.

Check Prices on the Stiga STS 420 Table Buy the Stiga STS 420 Indoor Table Tennis Table (around $899.99)

Stiga have considered the child safety factor by putting black safety edge protectors on this table.

The edges of a table tennis table can be quite sharp, so these protectors will come in very handy and minimise the impact of hurting yourself if you were to fall on the edge.

If you have children, it will protect them of bumping their heads on the edge.

With it's strong undercarriage and good table top, we think this indoor ping-pong table is a great buy!

Stiga STS 420 Promo [Video]

STS 420 Table Tennis Table

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