Is A Ping Pong Table Good For The Workplace?

Can Ping Pong Improve The Work Environment?

Should You Get A Table Tennis Table for The Office?

If this is a top question in your mind right now, then it's likey you are considering purchasing a best indoor ping pong table for your workplace. These days, many companies purchase a table tennis tables for their employees due to the massive benefits associated with playing ping pong. By having one in your company, you will be able to create more opportunities for your co-workers to mix socially and at a minimum this will help build morale within the company.

Here are some of the top reasons why companies are investing in a ping pong table for the workplace.

1. Ping Pong Is Inexpensive

Most companies have realized that a table tennis is an expensive game that offers many benefits. By having one in your company, you will be able to influence more people to remain onsite during lunch breaks and they will therefore be on hand whenever they are needed.

2. Table Tennis Is Safe

Ping Pong is a very safe activity so you should expect pretty much no health and safety concerns. Unlike many other leisure and sport activities that co-workers play like soccer, tennis, rugby or even racketball there will be few or no injuries.

Your co-workers will be able to enjoy table tennis even if they aren’t experienced and that means almost anyone can be a player and enjoy the game. Influencing anyone to get active is easier since they won’t have to change their clothes or even take a shower after the activity, This game doesn’t involve much in the way of perspiration in an air-conditioned office environment. That is unless the team get very competiive with each other, they might get a little hot under the collar but nothing too serious. Healthy competition is great!!!

3. Everyone Can Join In A Game Of Ping Pong

Up to four people can play ping pong at one time and a solo player can play by using the playback facility folding half of the table up. This means that several co-workers can participate at once and have team fun.  If you lack sufficient space in your office you can also use the ping pong table for a meeting!! You can even choose one of the best outdoor table tennis tables if you work in a decent climate.

4. Ping Pong Always Improves Morale

Nothing will boost the morale in your workplace than fun and friendly competitions within the office. Whenever you have an opportunity to take on your coworkers on quick competitions or to engage in little trash talking after meetings you should do it. Ping pong involves lots of fun and will make your employees happy. Happy employees are known to be more productive and it's a perfect team building game to create great relationships.

5. Help Co-Workers Take A Break From Their Computer Screens

Spending many hours in front of a computer screen designing web pages or writing countless codes or even racking your brain to produce scripts can be tedious. It is therefore advisable to step away from time to time as a way of giving the brain a break and preventing the eyeballs from fatigue. Getting up and stretching your legs or moving around after sitting for a while will help you clear your mind and refocus on the task at hand. Staring at your computer screen throughout the day can make you go crazy. With a ping pong table you will be able to take a ten minutes break and play a quick game.

6. Foster A Competitiveness Spirit

Table tennis will bring out the competitive nature of your employees. Competitive employees are more effective in their work and the competitiveness is what typically separates the great companies from the mediocre ones depending on the efficiency. After competing on the ping pong table, your employees will take the ping-fueled competitiveness through to their work. When every person in the company wants to win, productivity will basically increase. To motivate the employees, you can have a table tennis tournament.

7. Distract Co-Workers From Stress With Ping Pong

Playing computer games in the office throughout the day isn’t good and you shouldn’t engage in it at all. But however, taking your mind off projects from time to time will help you get back to them (projects) with fresh perspectives and this will help you avoid getting into a rut.

8. Ping Pong Is Great Brain Exercise

Ping pong in addition to aerobic exercises will increase alertness and concentration, stimulate your brain function and help you develop tactical thinking skills alongside eye/hand coordination. Others may see as if you are just blundering around playing ping pong, but you will be training your mind to think strategically and improving your focus. Moreover, the endorphins you will release during the exercise will make you happier and also more relaxed person. Everyone likes to work when happy and while feeling relaxed.

9. Co-Workers Will Feel More Active

Helping your employees act like kids will help boost the office productivity. A study that the University of Konstanz in Germany published established how employees feel about their age proved that when an organizational workforce feels younger the chronological age will benefit company’s performance. Playing ping pong will make your employees feel energized, youthful and productive, it will generally increase their productivity in your organization

An employee who feels younger will always be driven to succeed. The younger employee particularly in the dynamic environments will work to move up the corporate ladder rather than remaining stagnant in a stable and comfortable position. Such a worker will plan their progress and utilize strategies boosted by playing table tennis to their benefit.

10. Regular Breaks And Exercise Promote Innovation

In addition to increasing employee competitiveness in the workplace, a company called Campaign Motors purchased a table tennis table. Within 12 months the team members created a Web APP called 'Pingpongninja'  Ping Pong Ninja ranks matches and keeps the scores. This is fantasic proof that table tennis creates good teams and healthy compeition.

So Should You Get A Ping Pong Table For Your Workplace?

At times, working in an office can be busy and stressful. Whether your work involves coding web pages or new apps, closing a new deal, brainstorming ideas for a marketing campaign, managing enterprise projects there are times when things will be pretty tedious. Therefore to relieve your team you will need a ping pong table. Ping pong is generally competitive, it doesn’t take longer than just a few minutes to play and it gets the blood flowing.

Importantly, there is no need for any high tech sports kit to start playing the game. Anyone can play regardless of their age and fitness level since it is universally fun!

So go ahead, read our reviews of the best indoor table tennis tables and choose one for your workplace now!

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