Luxury Designer Ping Pong Tables - A High End Product Guide

The Best of Luxury Table Tennis Tables For Home and Den

The Top 10 High-end Premium Table Tennis Tables

Rank Image Product Name Assembly Color Made In Storage Playback Mode Shipped From Free Shipping Table Top Warranty Lowest price Rating Buy now Detail
Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Premium Outdoor Table Tennis Table in Gray
Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Premium Outdoor Ping Pong Table in Gray with Net Already pre-assembled Gray Germany No Yes USA Free 5.00mm 3 years $2,099.99
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STIGA Conference Hybrid Table Tennis Table With Walnut Finish
STIGA Conference Hybrid Wood Effect Table with 4 Bats, 12 Balls & Net Set Assembly required Brown/Black Mexico Racket & ball holder No USA Free 19.00mm n/a $2,755.99
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Killerspin MyT10 Outdoor Table Tennis Table With Net Post Set
Killerspin MyT10 Blackstorm Outdoor Table with Net Post Set & Storage Assembly required Black China Racket & ball holder Yes USA Free 6.00mm 1 year $1,299.00
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Buy the Killerspin UnPlugnPlay 415 Max Vanilla Indoor Table Tennis Table
Killerspin UnPlugnPlay 415 Max Vanilla Indoor Table Tennis Table Assembly required Vanilla/Black Racket & ball holder Yes USA Free 25.00mm 10 years Check prices!

Out of stock!

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Buy the Butterfly Space Saver 22 Foldaway Indoor Ping Pong Table Green now!
Butterfly Space Saver 22 Foldaway Indoor Table Tennis Table ITTF Approved in Green or Blue Already pre-assembled Blue/Green Germany No No USA Free 22.00mm 5 years $1,347.49
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Barrington Fremont Collection Official Size Solid Wood Indoor Ping Pong Table
Barrington Fremont Collection Official Size Solid Wood Indoor Table Tennis Table Assembly required Brown/Black No No USA Free 18.00mm n/a $1,279.99
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Barrington Urban Collection Official Size Solid Wood Indoor Ping Pong Table
Barrington Urban Collection Official Size Solid Wood Indoor Table Tennis Table Assembly required Brown/Black No No USA Free 18.00mm n/a $1,699.99
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Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Outdoor Table Assembly required Black China Racket & ball holder Yes USA Free 4.00mm 1 year $979.00
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Hall of Games Official Size Wooden Table Tennis Table
Hall of Games Official Size Wood Table Tennis Table Assembly required Brown/Black No No USA Free 19.00mm n/a $1,192.99
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JOOLA City Weatherproof Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Joola City Outdoor Table Tennis Table Assembly required Blue Germany No No USA Free 22.00mm 1 year Check prices!

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Introduction To Premium Ping Pong Tables

Are you are an interior designer and need one of the best indoor ping pong tables for a project? Maybe you're a hipster or an affluent young professional looking for a luxury, expensive high-end custom Ping Pong table? Well look no further! To help you choose we have produced a list of the most expensive, glamorous and good-looking luxury Ping Pong tables on the market.

We are talking about a table tennis table that demands to be a show piece for the games room, an office or an up scale apartment in the city. These tables are something to impress the guests or sweep that special person off their feet by showing off your wealth (and ping-pong skills) on your home indoor ping-pong table.

There is a variety of luxury ping pong table brands on the market and manufacturers are now seeing the upward trend for an ever-growing demand.

The recent openings of Ping Pong Bars like Spin in Los Angeles and New York, Ace Bounce in Chicago are bringing table tennis to a new crowd who love to have fun with a few drinks and be social with Ping Pong.

That is what table tennis is all about, having fun and now with a little bit of glamour and class to the game, these developments bring a new lease of life and excitement to the world of Ping Pong.

Is The Premium Designer Top 10 Table Tennis Table Ranking Up To Date?

Yes! the top 10 list of Luxury ping pong tables above is current. We need to constantly scour the Internet for the latest models and prices because Brands and Manufacturers update them at regular intervals. New premium tables come onto the market from time to time, especially from furtniture manufacturers, because people don't just want billiards tables in their games rooms anymore! In fact, the furtniture style of table tennis table is such a hot trend that traditional premium table tennis Brands like Stiga and Joola now make their own Hybrid table tennis tables, as you can see in the top 10 rankings chart above. In any case, rest assured that our top ten lists are up to date and we will always be adding more detailed reviews for each model featured over time.

List Of Luxury High-End Ping Pong Tables - The Best of the Rest

The following high-end tables are mostly indoor models and from the killerspin Revolution range that took insiration from the amazing 2012 Olympic table tennis tables. Since it's introduction as a Summer Olympic Sport in 1988, Table Tennis tables have had various tables designed and manufactured especially for the Olympic competition. The most recent of these (as of the time of writing) is for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2020 Olympic table has it's own story. Here is a neat video from the ITTF on how the 2020 Olympic Table was made:

Killerspin Revolution Series

If the Ping Pong table industry had a Hollywood 'A' list crowd, then the Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table would be it. The Revolution Series have the best looks, design and standout appeal that makes them a welcome guest appearance at any party in town.

These ping pong tables are perfectly made for luxury homes with games rooms, trendy offices and show pieces in downtown Manhattan apartments. It's a great investment and be sure to impress anyone who has the pleasure of playing on one.

Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Table in an office

Killerspin have knocked up three of the best looking indoor table tennis tables on the market which are inspired by the Olympic table tennis tables. Killerspin have done a great job of bringing them to market. Killerspin have three slightly different tables in the range so lets look in detail at the various models below.

Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Limited Edition High-End Table Tennis Table

This is the most expensive and best looking ping-pong table in the range. With a 22mm black table top providing an exceptional bounce as if it were a tournament table tennis table.

The curved Aluminum frame comes with a unique arch to hold the table top and adjustable feet. The look and structure presents a solid superior frame to mirror the Olympic games design of table tennis tables as used in Rio 2016. The base comes with four fold-able legs with wheels so you can move the table around easily.

The MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) table top has been given a special treatment and coated with anti-mark paint to stop it getting marks on the table and has had 16 layers of anti-glare paint. This gives it that superior matt look and feel to the table top.

Once it arrives in your office, home or apartment, the setup will only take about an hour. Killerspin provide a limited edition Apex net and silver steel post to match the quality of the table.It comes with a healthy price tag of . This table has the stunning looks and design features of a true competition table tennis table on the world stage.

Quick Facts:

  • Black table top
  • mark resistant paint
  • 16 layers of Anti-glare paint
  • Aluminum frame
  • Fold-able legs on the underneath the frame to move the table
  • 1 Year Warranty

Killerspin SVR-B Package Deal

The Killerspin SVR-B is also available as a done for you package.

Killerspin SVR-B Black -Gray 301-10 Premium Ping Pong Package

The package is very handy, save shopping around and includes:

  • 1 x Revolution SVR- B premium table
  • Black/Dark Gray table top
  • 2 x Stilo 7 SVR FL Premium RTG paddles
  • 2 x Jet 700 Paddles
  • 1 x 4 Star 72 White Balls

Killerspin SVR-B Premium Ping Pong Table Features [Video]

Killerspin Revolution SVR Premium Table Tennis Table

This SVR table is very similar to the Revolution SVR-B, except it comes with a blue table top and no anti-mark paint. That means over time the table top might become scratched a little with general use. If you keep it clean and only play table tennis on it, the table top will still look fantastic for a long time to come.

The stunning deep blue color looks great and also has the anti-glare matt top paint, giving it that professional look. The MDF 22mm table top sits on the same stunning solid aluminum frame as the SVR-B. It comes with the Olympic arch and adjustable feet. This table also comes with a stunning blue net and Apex solid Steel Post, the attention to detail is incredible.

Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Table apartment view

The setup time is around 2 hours and will need a second person to help put it together. It's not a complex setup, but it comes in two pieces and you can slide each half together, It has a locking mechanism that locks the two halves together. It's heavy table weighing 410 pounds and comes in two boxes.

Quick facts.

  • Blue table top
  • Anti-glare
  • Aluminum frame
  • Fold-able legs on the underneath the frame to move the table
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Weight 410 Ib

Killerspin Revolution SVR Blue High-End Ping Pong Table Package

You can also get a package for around $400 more that includes paddles and balls along with the Killerspin SVR table with a black top.

Packages includes:

  • 1 x Killerspi Diamond CQ Premium Paddle
  • 3 x Jet 300 Paddles
  • 1 x 72 - White balls - 4 Star
  • Weight 410 Ib

Killerspin Revolution Premium Ping Pong Table

Introducing the Killerspin Revolution with the funky red frame. This is a stunning table that is perfect for a home in a modern slick penthouse apartment, a digital internet startup company or business park premise. It's got that appeal about it that makes table tennis fun, giving people a break from work and all the stress they build up during the day. This table just makes you want to play!

Although all the table tops are the same in the Revolution range, the frame on this model is slightly different to the other tables. The table has the same royal blue table top as the Revolution SVR but on a red steel frame. It's a real standout color that grabs attention. Imagine a ping pong table with red lipstick - this is it!

IAgain, it has a superb 22mm MDF table top treated with 16 coats of special paint to give it a long lasting effect and anti-glare matt look.

With a 22mm table top, you can be sure that this table has a fantastic bounce to match any competition table. The frames has the same arched look as the Revolution signature range but is a little heavier. It also comes with the fold-able legs on the undercarriage so you can fold them down to move the table around.

The setup time is less than 2 hours and you will need a second person to help put it together. It's not a complex setup as it comes in two pieces and you can slide each half together. It has a locking mechanism that locks the two halves. It's a good and heavy table weighing 410 pounds and comes delivered in two heavy boxes.

Quick Facts:

  • Blue table top
  • Anti - Glare
  • Steel frame - painted red
  • 420 Ib shipping weight
  • Killerspin Apex net and post included
  • 1 Year Warranty

Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor Gray Table Tennis Table

If you're looking for a luxurious blend of modern and retro indoor table tennis table, then the wooden Cornilleau 850 WOOD does just the trick. It's a classic play on the traditional old school table with bang up-to-date modern technology.

This Cornilleau 850 Wood comes with a gray table top and it is ITTF approved (International Table Tennis Federation). So you can use it for a professional competition table tennis match.

The quality of the bounce is un-touchable as it comes with 25mm table top and a solid fold-able rollaway wooden frame to match. Cornilleau have added their fold-able net and post technology making it neat and compact for storage. This table is French style at it's best.

The table top has a SKILTOP coating which means that Cornilleau have made it specific for a tournament game and provides the perfect bounce for everyone to enjoy.

The 70mm frame is a solid black undercarriage with 4 large lockable caster wheels providing great movement. They have added their DSI system to allow for 16 locking points on the table, meaning that it can be safely locked both in playing mode and in storage. It's a fold-able rollaway table and weights 122 kg.

The 850 wood is great value considering you get a showpiece table that would blend into any fancy home or an upscale city apartment with classic style. It's definitely going to impress the guests and make them want to play and get competitive over a few drinks.

Quick facts:

  • 25mm table top
  • Adjustable feet on the legs
  • Fold-able Net and post
  • Wooden frame
  • Playback mode
  • 3 Year warranty

Venture Winston Luxury Wooden Table Tennis Table

The Winston Ping Pong Table is truly one of a kind, there is no other high-end table like it on the market.

It's made in America by a company called Venture. They started out in GA, USA in 1997 making shuffleboards and moved on to other products including custom Ping Pong tables.

They have lovingly produced the Winston which is made from solid wood. It's a solid 1 3/2' hard rock maple with walnut inlays and is treated with a durable 3 mil UV cured finish.

This will give the table a very long-lasting table top, with the ability to withstand lots of game play for years to come. The table width is 60' width x 108' Length x 30' high, making it a standard ping-pong table size, an important factor when you are considering a table that is outside the normal look and feel of a traditional sporty ping-pong table.

It comes in two halves and that is supported by 6 solid maple tapered legs with adjustable feet and aprons, for those slightly uneven floors you can guarantee that the table will be stable during a game.

This is a uber cool, trendy looking custom ping-pong table but do remember that it can also be used as a regular dining table!

Personally I haven't seen anything else like this on the market. It's for families that want something to blend in to the homely environment rather than a standout showpiece feature. It comes with a net that is easy to take off as the table has also been designed to be used as a dining room table.

This dual purpose design will definitely impress and it makes a great use of space. It's a gorgeous looking table and one that would be perfect for a games room in a country home or mansion.

Venture are very protective of this product and quite rightly so with this price tag, so they ensure that all installations of the table are done by them. This will give you piece of mind that the table wont arrive damaged in any way and you have a fully authorised person to set up the table and de the installation.

  • Dimensions: 60in W x 108in L x 30in H
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Hard rock maple and walnut wood
  • Paddles and Balls included
  • Proudly made in the USA

The Cornilleau Pro 510 Ping Pong Table

The reason that I'm including this Cornilleau Pro 510 in the luxury indoor table list is that, although it's designed for outdoors it's great looks will likely suit an interior designer or corporate office. You can, of course use this table inside! It will look great anywhere.

This table is extremely popular because of the trend in the world of ping-pong away from the competitive world. We are seeing the rise of ping pong tables in the corporate world and it is fast becoming an important market for the table tennis world.

As the sport is growing in the recreation arena ping-pong tables are on pretty much every business park in every major city in America. It is playing a major part in the development of the sport as people grow to love this game and play with their co-workers. The Cornilleau Pro 510 is one of the most popular Ping Pong tables for parks and will look great in your apartment or by your pool as well.

It doesn't take long to get good at the game and realize that it's also giving you great mental strength as you have to think quickly and stay nimble on your feet.

Cornilleau have produced this lovely all-weather proof outdoor table tennis table, specifically for business and community parks, I have added this table to the luxury list of tables because, it's a luxury to have one in the parks.  What business parks are doing is fantastic for the game and gives people a quick break from their normal routine.

Cornilleau 510 Pro Outdoors Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor table tennis table has become a classic. It has become a major influence in the scene due to its steel fixed net and all-weather proof table tops. It's built to last with a steel base with curved legs that can be fixed to the ground. It also has a neat little ball holder underneath the table at the player end and paddle storage.

Quick facts:

  • 7 mm Laminate table top with anti glare
  • Stainless Steel Net
  • Steel weatherproof frame
  • Ball storage
  • Paddle Storage
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • 10 year warranty

Why Buy A Designer Ping pong Table?

Ping pong has become a trendy past-time with Ping Pong bars and clubs springing up all over the major cities in America, UK and Europe. In Rio 2016, the Olympic Table Tennis gripped the world with ourstanding performances by the Chinese. Most US States now have Cities that are putting table tennis tables in parks for everyone to enjoy. This is to promote a healthy mind and heart for young and old to come together and enjoy the game.

There is another new market for luxury ping-pong,  young uber-rich professionals want to have trendy ping pong tables in their upscale city apartments to impress the guests and have a bit of fun over a bottle of wine. Most luxury interior designers these days will ensure that games rooms in big houses have an upscale ping pong table to complete the look.

With that we have the rise of luxury table tennis tables coming onto the market and I thought it would be of great benefit for you all to check out what's available and find out what special table tennis tables you can get for your money!

Cornilleau 850 Wood Indoor Ping Pong Table [Video]

Ping Pong in Hollywood

These days, playing ping-pong by the pool is a fantastic past time for celebrities. Not with the kids, but with party people and a BBQ in Los Angeles. You can guarantee that an actor that is not working or waiting for a job to come in, will be chilling at home by pool and be calling friends for lunch to invite them over for a game of ping-pong. In fact, there is a lot of ping pong clubs in LA.

It's the life that only the elite and few people outside of the corporate world would imagine they can have, but you can have a slice of it too with one of these premium tables.

The Designer Table Tennis Table As A Centerpiece

The Table Tennis table has become a fashion-feature competition of who's got the best looking table. I know that people will go to any length to buy the best for themselves and they want to have what others don't have. So here the custom-built ping-pong table comes in to its own and the uber-rich have a place where they can play on the best looking table in the world. They can have whatever ping-pong table they want, so why not get the best?

High-end, expensive table tennis tables are become a real feature in show homes and apartments across the world. I personally love show piece Ping Pong Tables. It means that the world of table tennis is becoming a fashionable statement and an easy way to get bring people together from all walks of life.

If the rich want ping pong and like to play, then this increases the audience of people who like to play for leisure and they may even get into the competitive sport of table tennis as well.

Interior designers are now thinking about what kind of ping-pong tables they can use in show homes that they re-design across the world. So this list of tables above is a reflection of what is happening in the market and believe me, trendier and even more expensive tables are about to come onto the market.

I think that more custom tables are about to hit the villas in the mountains of Ibiza, in Spain and across the mansions in Florida. The reason being is that people want to have fun, drink and beat each other with their best looking ping-pong tables.

In Conclusion - You Need A Luxury Ping Pong Table!

Ping Pong as we say in the USA, is now trendy. Well in my mind it always has been! However, I started at home in the summer-house at the end of the yard with my dad and brother.

Chop Chop! what are you waiting for? Go seek out the best Ping Pong tables on the market and have fun playing with your friends and impress the guests with your new-found love for the game and very expensive table tennis table.

One thing is for sure, your guests will want to play with you for hours on end and have a great time on these ultra expensive luxury table tennis tables. It's wonderful to see the rise in this market and I'm very happy to review each one of the best indoor ping pong tables as they come out, as well as the best premium, luxury models like these.

Killerspin Revolution Luxury Ping Pong Table [Video]

The Killerspin Revolution series is a great example of what we are talking about here. Ping pong tables that are really designer table tennis tables, great for interior design and a top feature of any luxury apartment.

Killerspin Revolution

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