How To Do A Side Spin Pendulum Serve In Table Tennis

How To Do A Pendulum Serve in Ping Pong by Eli Baraty

Progress is the best measure for success and making you happy when learning the game of table tennis. Best Table Tennis Tables wants you to progress in your game and get better.

This is why we have teamed up with Eli Baraty who is an impressive international table tennis coach, who coaches national and internationally ranked table tennis players.

We are pleased to bring you another table tennis coaching video as part of are Master Coaching Training Series with Eli Baraty of the Harefield Table Tennis Academy.

So next up iis How To Do A Side Spin Pendulum Serve in Table Tennis.

This is quite a complex serve and very effective when done correctly

The aim of this serve is deception and can completely confuse your opponent. In this video we will take you through it:

Art of Deception - Is the name of the game!

1 The Stance

Stance is a critical factor when doing this serve.

It allows you to have movement in your body and arm swing to gain the momentum needed to apply different variations of spin and speed to the serve.

2 The Grip

Most professionals will hold the paddle or blade between their index fingers and thumb to all for maximum wrist action.

It's important for you to be comforable with the type of grip you want to develop.

3 Ball Spin

Try different spins with this serve, like backspin, side-spin, topspin or even a floating ball with no spin at all.

I like to try combination spins with side-spin and topspin, serving in to the opponents body confusing them if they should return the ball with their backhand or forehand.

This sets you up with a weak return and wide open to win the point.

4 Disguise

Disguising the ball can confuse the opponent as they won't know what type of spin you will apply to the serve.

If you can learn how to disguise the ball you will have an advantage over your opponent.

Practise using different spins with the Pendulum Serve

One thing to mentioned is ball placement when serving.

Clearly you have loads of different ways to serve the ball. You can serve across the table or down the line.

You can serve the ball short close to the net so the opponent has to step in and either flick the ball back to you or play it safe and chop it back.

Or you can serve the ball long and fast in to the opponents body, it's important to keep them guessing and on their toes.

Getting serves right takes loads of practise!

It's important to study the masters when it comes to serves, they try to change the serves up each time they serve.

Some top champions change the ball throw giving the ball a different velocity to the ball and therefore a deeper spin on the ball.

Eli gives us a great demonstration on How To Do A Side Spin Pendulum Serve with the Transcription below.

The Pendulum Serve

Probably the most used serve in the world because of the amount of variation you can use in to the serve.

You want to try and stand like this on the back hand side with your right forward if your left handed and your left leg forward if you're right handed.

The grip again it's a loose grip, but it depends on how you feel more comfortable you can experiment with different grips.

Forehand, no fingers, index finger on the top, it's your choice, try and experiment to find the best balance for you.

The tip of the head points downwards, it slightly varies depending on what type of side spin you want to put on the ball. If you want to put side-spin backspin, pure side-spin or sidespin topspin.

So in general you want to try and get as much side-spin on the ball as possible and then try to disguise it.

As soon as you have contacted the ball you want to move your hand in a different direction to deceive the opponent in which point you contacted the ball.

It's difficult for them to see it once you have hit the ball and then moved your arm very quickly.

So this is how you do the Pendulum Serve. Again there is many different variation but this is just one example.

As you can see the ball swerves a little bit like a banana, it bends, what that means is you have put a lot of side-spin, again there is many different variations.

So if you can learn to disguise the ball with the Pendulum people generally miss-read if it's a bit of backspin side-spin.

If it's topspin side-spin and therefore you get weaker returns or misses and that makes your serve a great serve.

We hope that you have enjoyed this coaching video, whatch out for more video to come as part of our Master Table Tennis Training Series with Eli Baraty.

Best Table Tennis Tables aim to bring you the best coaching tips around so you can improve your game and progress with your new-found techniques.

How To Do A Side-Spin Pendulum Serve In Ping Pong[Video]

How To Do A Pendulum Serve in Table Tennis by Eli Baraty

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