How To Do A Forehand Drive In Table Tennis

How To Do A Forehand Drive In Table Tennis - Ping Pong Tutorial Video With Eli Baraty

Welcome to Part 2 in our Best Table Tennis Tables professional coaching series with Eli Baraty from the Harefield Academy in the UK. Another pro-coaching video from Eli Baraty. This time Eli covers one of the basic shots, the forehand drive. Our video tutorial series will help you beat your opponents regularly in no time!

Part 1 in our series of Pro Ping Pong Coaching Videos is How To Do A Backspin Serve in Table Tennis, I hope that you learnt something useful from that tutorial last week.

There are a few basic strokes in table tennis that you will need to master and the forehand drive is one of the most important.

As the forehand drive forms the basis of many more complicated shots, it is well worth practicing until you master it.

This video will help you develop your ping pong skills and learn how to do the Forehand Drive like a pro.

What Is The Forehand Drive For?

The Forehand Drive is an attacking table tennis stroke, usually applied with a little topspin. You can use this stroke to return medium length or float shots.

The forehand drive will not work if played against either a backspin shot or a short ball.

Returning medium balls is the best use for this drive shot and after practicing  for a while, you will learn when best to use this drive in your own game.

It is important to swing your body from the waist and hips and place your feet in the direction of travel of the ball.

As always with Ping Pong, timing is everything. When you practice this drive shot it is worth keeping consistent timing to help you improve.

The forehand drive is so important in table tennis that the ITTF have done scientific studies to analyze the bio-mechanics of the shot.

The better the ITTF understand what the forehand drive is about in terms of bio-mechanics, the better the game of Ping Pong can become overall.


The Forehand Drive In Table Tennis

You want to start from the legs, you want to have half a foot slightly across to shoulder length apart.

The stroke then gives you the ability to turn your waste, and you have your legs like that and this is how it looks like. (Eli twists his body).

I've give you a little demonstration.

You will notice my body twists a little bit, this shoulder over here pointing in the direction on where I am going.

My timing tries to stay the same.

So you want to try and time the ball at the top of the bounce when you contact it.

Also the angle of the bat is very important, if it's too closed it will go in the net, if it's too open it will go off the end so try and find the right angle.

In general it's a 45 Degree angle.

I hope that helps you with your forehand.


The Forehand Drive Pro Coaching Video features Eli Baraty of The Harefield Academy. Thank you, Eli for taking the time to share your expert knowledge.

The video was produced and edited by our very own Editor, Mark.

Mark has been producing professional video for a number of years and it's great to see him combine his two passions (Video Production and Table Tennis) for The Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews

Please enjoy the video below and leave a comment!

Forehand Drive In Table Tennis [Video]

How To Do A Forehand Drive In Table Tennis - Pro Coaching Tutorial

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