How To Do A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis

How to Do A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis

As part of our Best Table Tennis Tables Ping Pong Masters Series, we introduce Eli Baraty a top London coach from The Harefield Academy.

Eli has an enormous amount of experience on the UK table tennis scene and professionally coaches many great players.

So What Is The Backspin Serve For?

Ultimately this serve is designed to catch out your opponent so that they cannot return the ball. You will then win the point as they fail to return your excellent serve.

The backspin on the ball gives it a kind of backwards force so that when it's travelling through the air forwards, it has a lot of reverse movement just waiting to come out.

Once the ball stops or it's hit by the opponent it has a backwards movement to it that is hard to predict, this means that the opponent will likely lose the point.

The backspin serve is a very difficult serve to return and is used by professional and olympic players all over the world to win points in a match.

If you can master this tricky backspin serve, you are well on your way to advancing your game and becoming a great player.

We will be bringing you many more top table tennis techniques from Eli Baraty in this series, so please go ahead and practise each one to master it.

So please enjoy this video from Eli Baraty about how to do the backspin serve in table tennis.

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To help you progress in your table tennis game, I'm going to show you a few different types of serves. 

This includes a very basic backspin serve which means that you will be cutting underneath the ball to get the ball to come back.

And when the person returns it they have to push it. or if it's long they can topspin the ball.

You want to keep the ball short, which means it will bounce twice on the other side.

You want to create as much backspin as possible so that it's difficult  for them to flick the ball.

This is how it goes. (demonstration)

You see it's very important to try and keep the serve short, but not too short.

Because if it's too short the players have the angle to hit it wide, or touch it short again.

But if it bounces twice and hits the white line, then the opponent struggles to know whether it's long or short.

Therefore if it's short and it's bounced twice but they think it's long they will hit the bat against the table.

And if they have worked out that it's going to hit the white line then they will come in and touch it but the touch will be here.

Therefore making it very difficult for them to keep it short. Go in long, then you can attack them!

We hope you enjoy this video from Eli Baraty and The Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews, please go ahead and leave a comment!

How To Do A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis [Video]

How To Do A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis - Pro Coaching Tutorial

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