How To Do A Jab or Punch Serve in Table Tennis

How To Do A Jab or Punch Serve in Ping Pong

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Table Tennis Serves are the best way to win a point. If you have a variety of serves at hand you can confuse your opponent as they wont know what serve to expect.

The Jab Serve or The Punch serve in Table Tennis is one of the most widely used ping ping serves by the professional table tennis players in the game today.

The Jab Table Tennis Serve came from the Reverse Serve. The Reverse Serve was more of a flick of the wrist than the body movement which is used in the JAB Serve. The reason is that the Reverse Serve evolved into the Jab Serve was because the rules changed. You are now not allowed to hide the ball with your other arm in-front of the ball when you are serving.

If you are doing this, it is bad practise. In a competitive match the umpire might ask you to stop or even ban you from the game. The professional table tennis players take this very seriously as it gives the opponent an unfair advantage.

A while back in the competitive table tennis game we used to hide the serve with an arm in front of the ball. This confused the opponent as they were not able to read the serve. We did this to deceive the player so that they had no way of knowing what serve they could expect.

Much of table tennis is a game of deception. Creating the spin, speed or combination of spins to make it as hard as possible for your opponent to read the ball that you are giving them wins the game. How to do this in the first instance is with your table tennis serve.

So in the video featured on this page we will take you through how to do a JAB Serve in Table Tennis. It is a very important serve to have in your game as it has become one of the most effective serves and is widely used.

If you watch some of the top table tennis players such as Ma Long, from China and (at the time of writing the world's number 1 table tennis player) uses the a combination of Jab serves a lot.


The Jab or Punch Serve, is all about deception

Eli Baraty is one of the UK's top table tennis coaches. He currently coaches national and internationally ranked players at Harefield Table Tennis Academy. Eli gives us a brilliant explanation of how to do the Jab Serve and demonstrates the variety of combinations you can use as part of this serve.

It's great to see that he approaches the serve with the whole body in mind. He takes you though the techniques in order to produce a very effective serve. How to stand, what do with your body when you are serving. What different styles and spins you can use with the type of serve.

We hope you enjoy the video and learn from one of the best table tennis coaches in the United Kingdom. Eli has produced a few different videos for us demonstrating serves. You can see our other videos on the site by clicking this link for our Coaching videos section.

Hard to master the Jab Serve, but once you have!!!

Jab or Punch Serve Coaching Video Transcription

The Jab serve. What is the Jab Serve? Quite a difficult serve to explain but it will do my best. It's a little bit like doing a punch and it evolved from the reverse serve.

The way you want to stand is with your right leg forward, if you're left handed like me, and then you're able to rotate your body in to the serve.

The beauty also is, once you have hit the ball you can do many different variations after you have hit it.

In order for you to be able to execute the serve, you want to first practise contacting the ball underneath, in this motion, bringing the arm back and forward like a punch again, contacting the ball underneath.

Or you can contact the ball side or you can contact the ball upwards like that, which creates a bit of side spin top spin. So it's underneath which is backspin side spin, pure side spin or side spin top spin.

So this is how you  execute the serve. Backspin side spin. Sidespin topspin.

The side spin serve. You may have noticed the ball actually kicked up a little bit there and then I finished going underneath making it look like backspin. Which means if the opponent mis read it, it will pop up and I can attack it hard. Try and mix up your serves to try and have as many different variations as possible once you have contacted the ball and hopefully that will help you with your game.

We hope you enjoy our table tennis coaching videos and that they provide you with some useful guidance to develop your game. We want to help you progress and become better ping pong players.

These coaching videos are produced by professional table tennis players and Eli Baraty is one of the best Table Tennis Coaches there is. We are very pleased to be able to have his time to produce these videos for the Best Table Tennis Tables website. It's aways a pleasure learning from Eli and we hope you do the same.

Table Tennis is a great way to get fit and play with your family, friends and now increasingly with your office co-workers. Table Tennis has become so popular with the office crowd, so we are pleased to bring the two worlds together and bridge the gap between the professional table tennis world and communities that just want to have fun and play a little.

We will be producing more videos shortly, so please follow us on facebook or if you have any questions regarding your game, please reach out to us and ask. We are more than happy to help and provide guidance in your game.

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Chop-chop get serving and out-smart your friends!!

How To Do A Jab Serve in Table Tennis [Video]

Table Tennis Coaching Tip - How To Do The Jab Serve in Table Tennis by Eli Baraty.

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