How To Do A Backhand Drive In Table Tennis

How To Do A Backhand Drive In Table Tennis - Ping Pong coaching tips by Eli Baraty

This is the third video we have produced in our Best Table Tennis Tables professional coaching series with Eli Baraty from the Harefield Academy in the UK.

Table tennis training videos are a great way to improve your game by watching the masters at their craft.

Eli Baraty provides us with a coaching session which demonstrates how to do a Backhand Drive.

It's really important to master the basic strokes before moving on to the more advance strokes and serves.

Part 2 in our basic series of Pro Ping Pong Coaching Videos was "How To Do A Forehand Drive". This is a great table tennis stroke and one that will be used a lot, so it's important to master the forehand drive.

Once again, Eli Baraty provides us a fantastic demonstration.

One of the other basic foundation strokes in table tennis is the Backhand drive, which is what we are discussing today.

What Is The Backhand Drive For?

The Backhand Drive stroke is used for a couple of reasons, the main one is that it broadens your range of strokes from just having to use a forehand stroke.

The other is to allow you to control the ball more effectively when the ball is played towards your backhand side.

Normally, the backhand allows you to return the ball consistently with control and a little topspin.

You can return the ball with your backhand either with a soft touch or with a little power to give it a more aggressive ball to be received.

How and when you use the backhand stroke will depend on your strategy within a particular game.

The backhand is a foundation stroke for your game

The main goal is to keep your backhand drive consistent to give your game confidence.

It can be very useful to play the backhand ball down the line of the table.

This means the side from which you received the ball.

Play the ball across the table into the same opposing corner, rather than diagonally across the table.

Because of the nature of the backhand stroke, it gives you quite a lot of flexibility in the wrist movement to change the spin, speed, timing and control of the ball.

You can use your wrist to flick the ball, which can give it a lot of spin.

You can touch the ball lightly with your backhand to make the ball drop just below the net making your opponent step in for the ball.

This will upset your opponent, moving his rhythm within the game all over the place so that he becomes inconsistent.

The Backhand Drive Stroke is above all about timing and feel of the ball. To hit a perfect shot you will need to make sure that you have your legs square to the table and your body is slightly bent over.

Eli Baraty provides an excellent demonstration below in this video for you to watch it over and over until you master it.

Personally I love the backhand stroke and once you get confident using it, you can start to learn how to play a backhand loop which give a massive amount of extra spin and power behind the ball.

The backhand loop will give your opponent a really hard time returning the ball.

Aim for a consistent backhand stroke

Check out this video below to help you understand how it's done by a professional.

We have the great table tennis coach Eli Baraty demonstrating his skills for you in this tutorial.


The backhand stroke is similar to throwing a frisbee.

You want to try and point your nose in the direction of where you are going and stand square to the line of play.

This is how it's played. (Eli does a serve).

Your timing is very important with the backhand, because you lose site of the ball for a split second.

If you're here, you can't see the ball for a spilt second once it comes towards you.

Therefore, try to contact it not too close to your stomach and not too far in front of you.

I hope that helps you with your game.


The Backhand Stroke Coaching Videos features Eli Baraty of The Harefield Academy.

It's great to have Eli's knowledge and experience to share with these table tennis coaching video tips.

The video content is produced and edited by our very own Editor, Mark.

Mark is a filmmaker in his own right and has been producing professional video for a number of years.

it's great to see him combining his two passions, video production and table tennis for The Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews

We really hope you enjoy these little tutorial clips. Feel free to leave a comment below.

How To Do A Backhand Drive In Table Tennis - Pro Coaching Tutorial

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