How To Compare The Best Table Tennis Tables

How to compare and choose the best table tennis tables review

A really great table tennis table can be a fantastic investment for your family. It gets the kids away from the video game console for a while and helps them to become more active. There are numerous styles of table tennis table available and it’s important to think about your intended use before you venture out to make that expensive purchase.

Our buyers guide to comparing the various types of table tennis table available will help you choose the right onw. Features for indoor or outdoor, surface thickness, supports and storage are all detailed to aid your purchase decision.

This guide will give you a few tips to consider when looking for the best table tennis tables for your home, church, youth club or garage, so it's important to first decide where your new table will be located and what size you need.

There are several different sizes available but the traditional size of a table tennis table is:

  • Table: 9 feet long x 5 feet wide x 2 feet 6 inches high
  • Net: 6 feet long x 6 inches high

When choosing a table tennis table, whatever the size your family should first answer the following questions:

  1. How will the table be used? A table that is used for a club will need to be more robust than a table that is used at home
  2. How often will the table be used? A frequently used table will need to be tougher than one used for the occasional game
  3. Who will be using the table? Just your children at home or a large group of young adult playing tournaments?
  4. What space do you have available for your table? Will it be set up in the house, garage, a hall or outside?
  5. Will it always be set up for use or stored at times? A stored table should have a good collapsing mechansigm and be eas to roll away
  6. Where will you store the table, if necessary? How large is the space you will use to store the table when it is not used?

Choosing the best table tennis tables buyers guide

If you’ve answered all of the questions, than you’re ready for the next step.

What Is The Best Type Of Table Tennis Table That Will Work for Me?

Conversion Tops

This type of table is only a top surface section that fits over a pool table or other comparable surface. They are ideal for use if you don’t have enough space to store a regular table. This style of table can be ready to use instantly and can be stored away easily.

It is important that the table includes rubber padding on the underside to protect the surface you are using for play, as well as having connectors to keep the two halves of the playing surface together.

This table is usually more affordable; however, the table surface will not be premium quality. These tables are a good option if you don’t have the space for a regular table or if it will be used infrequently.

Mini Table Tennis Tables

These are a great option if you have young kids who are just learning to play at home for fun. The mini tables are well liked by kids as they have a setting that enables the table to be tilted slightly inward which allows them to have a rally with their opponent.

The size is small and compact, making them easy to store.

Smaller table tennis tables are great for kids to learn the game on

These tables can be purchased at ? size to ? size of a traditional table tennis table, making it convenient to choose just the right one for you.

Table Tennis Tables with Adjustable Height

Whether full size or a smaller version of a table tennis table, having adjustable legs to lower the playing height is great for kids.

The legs can be adjusted to different positions and the different heights usually include:

2 feet, 2 feet 3 inches or 2 feet 6 inches

Swimming Pool Table Tennis Tables

These pool tables are one of the best types of table tennis tables for kids to enjoy if you are looking to give them some fun in the sun.

These tables usually have a hard surface top with soft sides to make it safe for use in the pool. The size of the top can be around 54 x 27 inches and floats on the water.

Pool table tennis tables come with all of the accessories that you need for summer time fun. They can also be used as a tabletop game on the patio or in the house.

Full Size Table Tennis Table

Although these tables are the more expensive alternative full-size is the best option

If the table is going to be in use frequently and have a lot of players, there is no better choice. Especially if you are buying for younger adults, a school, club, church hall or adults at home.

Reviews On How To Choose And Buy The Best Table Tennis Table

You will be able to deveop your game to the maximum and if at all possible we recommend that you buy a full size table tennis table.

Outdoor vs Indoor

Unless the sole reason for play is outdoor, than an indoor table should be efficient as outdoor tables are quite costly. Keep in mind the following if placing an indoor table outdoors for temporary play:

  • The Sun can warp the surface in a short time
  • Some tables may not be able to withstand prolonged windy conditions
  • Be sure there is no precipitation or rain that could damage a non-waterproof table

In general, storage needs to be at room temperature and damp-free to prevent damage to the table

The next decision should be which method you prefer to transport the table. Do you want it in halves, rollaway etc.?

Rollaway Table Tennis Table

These tables are one unit, consisting of the undercarriage, wheels and table. They tend to take up more space when storing as they can be up to 6 feet high when closed. Keep in mind this height if you have to maneuver steps or go between rooms. The benefit is, if they can be stored closed to the area of play they can often be set up and dismantled by one person. Most tables require at least two people for this process.

Rollaway tables come with variations. Some are designed so they can be used half-open, allowing you to practice without an opponent by hitting the ball against the other half of the table that is erect.

Tables In 2 Separate Halves

On these table tennis tables the legs are attached to the underneath of the table top and the wheels are located on the center edge of the table.

They are easy to store and require less storage space than a rollaway table, however, you will need at least two people to set up and dismantle it.

Best Table Tennis Tables for Church, School Or Club Buyers Guide

The undercarriage of these tables can be made of wood or metal. Many believe wooden legs provide a better foundation for playing.

Wheelchair Accessible Table Tennis Tables

Most tables have the legs positioned near the ends of the table. A player in a wheelchair needs at least 16 inches of space from the end of the table for play. The position of the legs is very important and you should consider a table where the legs are positioned towards the middle of the table.

Table Tennis Table Covers

A good table cover will help to extend the life of your table when not in use. Storage needs to be in room temperature, avoiding extreme heat to prevent warping of the table surface.

Keeping your table in one type of climate is best as moving it between a hot, cold or damp climate can cause damage.

Table covers are usually only available for table tennis tables when they are in the upright storage position.

Remember, keep in mind all of these factors when making a purchase. The most expensive option is not always the best option for your use. The most important factor is making sure you choose the best table tennis table for your kids, family  school or club that will promote hours of play and make many great memories for years to come!

Table Tennis Table Buyers Guide

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