Is This The Best Midsized Ping Pong Table For Kids From Joola?

Joola Midsize ping pong table perfect for small kids to learn on
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Learning table tennis (also known as ping pong) on one of the best ping-pong tables for kids is a great way for children to start learning the craft of ping pong before becoming a good age to get competitive.

Why Purchase A Mid-Sized Ping Pong Table?

If you're a parent, are into the game and your kids are starting to think hanging out with you is cool then table tennis is a great family sport for you guys to have fun and keep a little fit.

If you have children between the ages 4 – 10 then a full size table tennis table might be slightly on the large side for them, so that's where this top tabe comes in!

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Many parents that are slightly hesitant to purchase a normal sized table because of the space it takes up in the house. This gives them a reason to delay buying a table and having fun with the game.

Great For Young Kids To Develop Hand To Eye Co-ordination

OK, problem solved - welcome the  'Joola Midsize table tennis table!

This solves the two issues in one table. It's 71 inches long and just under 36 inches wide making it 2/3 of the width a normal sized table tennis table would be.

This table can be split in to two separate tables for ease of storage when putting it away.

So we want to thank Joola for producing a JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table, which is perfect for families that don't have that much space in there house and want to have a table in their house at an affordable price.

This mid size table is a great way to get your children learning the game with you and start to practise their hand eye ball co-ordination. As this is like any skill you need to practise it and learn it to develop it.

Developing your hand eye ball co-ordination from an early age will really help your child later on in life if they enjoy the game and want to start becoming competitive.

The Joola Midsize table tennis table is superb as it really feels like your playing on a real sized table tennis table and once you get used to it and more confident with your shot lengths, you can have a superb time with family and friends.

The table-top itself has a really good bounce, which means that you will get a great game out of the table. Some of the cheaper quality tables don't have a great bounce and that does actually effect the experience of the game.

We at best table tennis tables are pleased to report that this is not the case with the Joola Midsized table tennis table.

perfect table to fit in homes with limited space

This great kids ping pong table is a perfect size table to fit in small apartments and small family homes.

It does include a net and net posts which means that when you're ready to start playing and want to get it out of the storage, your Joola mid sized table tennis is ready to be played in about 5 mins flat.

The table top is covered with a very thin laminate resin top, which will give you a good bounce and preseve the life and quality of the table top. The thickness of the table top is 16mm. Which in my book (for a mid size table) is not bad at all!


One thing I noticed is that unlike the normal sized tables, it doest not come with a rolla way system or a fold away system that helps you fold and roll away the table for storage. I understand why Joola did this, it's because you don't really need one and the table comes in two speparate tables. These separate tables are actually really light and the legs that the table stands on is a metal frame which are so easy to fold it acutally makes it a simple joy to lift it fold the leg and then you're done to store the table away. This means what when you first purchase the table, there is no assembling required, it's ready to go out of the box.

Quick Facts About the Joola MidSized Ping-Pong Table

Does it come with bat and balls?

No you will have to purchase your own bat and ball.

What is the thickness of the table top?

The thickness of the table top is 16mm

What is the under-carriage frame like?

It's light metal frame which is easy to fold away.

What are the dimension of the Joola Midsized table?

The product dimensions: 39.3 x 39.2 x 4 inches 

How much does it weigh?

28kg / 62lb

What colour is the table top?

The table top is Blue.

So what's the verdict?

An all round great table tennis table which is perfect for family with storage constraints who want to play and have fun with their children.

It's easy to store away and match ready when your friends come round and you want to have a little game with. It also has the benefit of helping your child develop their game.

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By now, you should know that we thoroughly recommend this Joola Mid-sized as one of the best Ping Pong Tables for kids. We hope you enjoyed this review, if you did then please go ahead and leave a comment below!

Joola Midsized Ping Pong Table Demo [Video]

JOOLA Midsize Table

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