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Best Ping Pong Tables For Kids ReviewsCompare best table tennis tables for kids with our top reviews. Children benefit in all sorts of ways from playing table tennis. As well as being great for developing co-ordination skills your children will learn how to be competitive and have fun at the same time! We look at all the best Brands and Models of table from across the whole market to help you choose the best one for your particular child.

Table tennis tables for young children come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Often, smaller child-friendly ping-pong tables are available that are both shorter and narrower than standard adult-sized tables. Even mini-sized ping-pong tables are available for toddlers to help introduce them to the game.

There are fewer mid-sized ping pong tables around so that makes choosing the best one a little easier. Go for the Brand you like and the most versatile table. We compare the best ones here.

Top Children's Table Tennis Tables

Joola Midsize ping pong table perfect for small kids to learn on

Some families might not want to purchase a full-sized table tennis table because they won't play so often or they simply don't have the space. This midsized ping pong table from Joola solves that problem with this fantastic all round table with a super bounce.  

Lowest price: $222.00
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Kettler midsize ping pong table

Kettler have produced a small-sized ping pong table for young kids. This is because, kids love to play table tennis and a standard size ping pong table is really a little too high. That said it is also perfect for adults who want to play and have limited space in the home.

Lowest price: $149.99
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