Compare The Top 5 Best Kids Table Tennis Tables

Compare The Top 5 Table Tennis Tables for Kids Reviews
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Table tennis, or “ping pong”, is a popular and fun activity for all ages, especially children. But as a parent, you want to make you are getting something durable and that will last for a long time. Particularly something that is safe. So here is a list of 5 table tennis tables that would be a great gift for your child that are definitely not mini toy table tennis tables, but real ones that will last for years!

Our top 5 list of the best table tennis tables for kids that will grow up with them. These are not mid-sized table tennis tables, but the real thing.

The Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This kid-friendly table tennis table is has all sorts of great features to it! For this model, Cornilleau has really centered its focus on safety, mobility, and storage, all while designing a top quality table.

Cornilleau Sport 500m Best Outdoor Tennis Table For Kids Review

The corners are protected to avoid any scuffs to you or the table, and the one-touch locking mechanism will prevent it from falling open while in storage.

The locking mechanism not only makes sure that the table stays shut, but also that it remains locked and in place while open. There are also 4 wheels that make it really easy to move around and set up! The height is adjustable, but at it’s shortest, the 'Sport 500' stands at about 2 ? feet tall, making this a great table for all ages.

You can buy the Cornilleau 500 here (lowest price: $1,649.99 ): Discounts Available On The Best Kids Table Tennis Tables

This table is meant for the outdoors, so it also features an anti-glare surface, but can be used indoors as well, and people have been impressed with it’s durability to harsh weather conditions.

When you are not playing against an opponent, the table folds half-way up, so you can practice against yourself too! And when it’s ready to be put away, it folds neatly and easily in half. This is one of the highest rated table tennis tables available, is great for all ages, and will last a lifetime!

The Joola Rapid Play 150 Table Tennis Table

This table is unique because of its many built-in accessories, which include ball holders, and even a magnetic scoreboard! The ball holding compartments are located at the corners, and the scoreboard is in a classic abacus style.

Best For Kids Joola JTL 150 Table Tennis Table Review

The 'JTL' also has a clamp-on net system for easy setup!

The table is in two halves, which come together in the middle. If you are concerned that the table may shift while in the middle of a game, don’t worry about it; it’s not an issue! It features 4 snap-locking castor wheels, along with an anti-tilting device, so the table will stay put during use.

The 'JTL' is an indoor table, so having it in two pieces makes for easy indoor storage. This also provides an easy setup for one player games, with one half folded, and the other half in playing position!

You can buy the Joola Rapid Play 150 here (lowest price: ): Discounts Available On The Best Kids Table Tennis Tables

The legs and feet are adjustable as well to compensate for different ages of players. Although this model is more ideal for preteens - teens, it could also be fun for smaller children. However, due to its two-piece design, a smaller child may have difficulty setting it up and putting it away.

The STIGA Instaplay

Now this table tennis table is for the hardcore table tennis player, so I probably would not recommend it for smaller children.

Best Children's STIGA Instaplay T8288 Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA is a very popular manufacturer of table tennis gear, and their tables are used by the pros!

This particular table tennis table is made of the highest quality materials. The top is sanded, painted multiple times, and finished with a perfectly smooth and sleek clear coat.

There is a steel apron that ensures even bounce, and also corner protectors to avoid any unnecessary injuries. When you are all set up and ready to play, the 4 mag wheels have easy-clicking locks to make sure that you have the best stability.

This is a separate, two-halved table, and is only for indoor use, but it folds neatly and compactly. Like other two-piece tables, this makes switching from one-on-one play to single practice a breeze. And when put away, the table features a safety latch system that will prevent it from opening unexpectedly.

You can buy the Stiga Instaplay here (lowest price: ): Discounts Available On The Best Kids Table Tennis Tables

But I think the best part about the 'STIGA Instaplay' (right off the bat anyway), is that there is no assembly required! This table tennis table comes to you fully intact, so all you have to do is take it out of the box, and you are ready to play!

The Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway Indoor Ping Pong Table

This indoor table is perfect for a young novice player, as it is your basic recreational ping pong table.

Best Kids Table Tennis Tables Butterfly Personal Rolloway Review

However, it is made from the highest quality materials, so you will get years of use out it! It would be a perfect fit for any community center, game room, or even a basement or garage!

Its hardwood top makes it extremely durable, and it is finished to provide the best bounce possible. The legs are made of steel, so you can be sure that this table will remain in good shape for years to come. It folds up for storage, and can be rolled into the corner with ease!

You can buy the Butterfly Personal Rollaway here (lowest price: $471.80 ): Discounts Available On The Best Kids Table Tennis Tables

It’s one-piece design makes it easy to adjust from full length, to half length in mere seconds, and it even has a paddle and ball holder on the side! This a regulation size table (9’ by 5’ and just over 3 feet tall), so it is great for anyone who plays, or is looking to get into playing table tennis regularly!

The Weatherproof Kettler Top Star XL With Accessories

Now, this is the star of the list! This bundle not only comes with a top-of-the-line table tennis table, but also includes 6 high quality balls, 2 HALO 5.0 table tennis rackets, and even a waterproof cover!

Best Kids KettlerTable Tennis Table Top Star XL Outdoor Table Review

The table itself is regulation sized, so it measures 9’ by 5’, and stands just below 3’ tall. It is easily movable, rolling on 4 durable wheels. With that in mind, this is a perfect table for all ages, and would make a great addition to any family’s backyard!

The surface is completely weatherproof, with a waterproof finish, as well as a fade proof finish to ensure a long life span. It’s patented dual safety lock mechanism allows you to easily fold one half up for warming up in solo play! This is unique, because with most tables, doing this creates a gap for the ball to fall through, but this table makes sure that the gap is not big enough for that to happen!

The 2 HALO 5.0 paddles are also waterproof, and are designed for high impact playing. They also have a beautiful concave design handle, and the 6 ping pong balls included are 3-star. When you are aren't playing, the 'Top Star' can easily fold up, be rolled aside, and covered with the waterproof tarp!

You can buy the Kettler TopStar XL here (lowest price: ): Discounts Available On The Best Kids Table Tennis Tables

Sidenote: Some Things To Avoid When Shopping For A Table Tennis Table

For the best quality, always make sure that your table tennis table comes with an apron (a thin sheet of metal, most commonly aluminum, that sits between the wooden layers). Tables without an apron will warp over time. Also, make sure that you are buying a table with safety features and locking mechanisms, to avoid any injuries due to closing malfunctions or aggressive play.

The 5 best kids table tennis tables listed here, are the best on the market to buy for your child or teenager. Remember that these are not the mini-tables for toddlers and ssmall children that are more of a toy. These tables are real leisure tables that can provide years of fun for the whole family!

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Great article because these tables will grow with the kids. Sometimes the mini tables don't last for long as the kids realise they are not proper tables!

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