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Top Things To Consider When Trading For Table Tennis

The Top 4 Aspects of Physical Training for Table Tennis Players

Physical training is an important part of becoming a great table tennis player, but what are the most important aspects to focus on? We take a look at the top 4 most important aspects of physical training for ping pong players.

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The Basic Equipment Needed To Play Ping Pong

Basic Equipment Needed to Play Table Tennis

What is the basic equipment that you need to get started with playing ping pong? Our guide to the very basic table tennis equipment required to go ahead and start to play. A guide to the basics of table tennis equipment, including paddles, blades, rubbers, nets, tables, and ping pong balls.

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Extreme mental resilience is required to play ping pong but how?

How to Maintain Mental Toughness in Table Tennis

Table tennis requires mental strength as well as physical skills to beat your opponent. How do you maintain your mental toughness throughout a difficult match? Read our guide on keeping your mind strong during a ping pong competition.

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Getting fit with Ping Pong and setting a New Year Resolution goal

Is Ping Pong Good Exercise? The Top Health Benefits Explained

Table tennis is great exercise both for mind and body. You can use ping pong to keep fit alongside other exercise programs and raise your overall activity levels to lose weight and keep your mind sharp. What are thehealth benefits of ping pong? Can I use ping pong to lose weight? Will ping pong increase my mental agility? All these ping pong health questions answered by our resident expert Mark.

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Top things to look out for when buying a table tennis table

What Should You Consider When Buying A Ping Pong Table?

Advice and guidance on how to choose a ping pong table. Table tennis tables come in all shapes and sizes and the variations can be a little daunting if you are looking to buy one for the first time. We aim to help by providing some points to consider when looking to compare table tennis tables. If you need a ping pong table for home or a club this guide will help you to comare the different types of tables out there so that you can make the right choice.

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Compare The Top 5 Table Tennis Tables for Kids Reviews

Compare The Top 5 Ping Pong Tables for Teens and Growing Kids

Compare and review the top 5 best selling table tennis tables for teens and growing kids. These are the best cost-effective full-sized ping pong tables for teenagers and growing kids. Buy a budget table tennis table to keep your teens occupied with tables that will grow with them and are good for maximum leisure and ping pong playtime fun!

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How to compare and choose the best table tennis tables review

How To Compare The Best Table Tennis Tables

What to look for when comparing the best table tennis table for your particular need. Whether indoor or outdoor, full size or kids table tennis table, our buyers guide is here to help you choose the best one,

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