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Hi There and welcome, I'm Simon and the Admin of the site as well as an author. I am responsible for all the technical bits and pieces that help make this website fast and great to read whether it's on your mobile phone, iPad or laptop computer.

I have known our Editor, Mark for many years and can testify to the fact that he is an extremely experienced table tennis player. Mark knows the intricacies of the rules inside and out. He is very familiar with the International Table Tennis Federation who govern the sport at professional and club level and he has many friends in the business of table tennis.

He also knows a great table tannis table when he sees one as he has played on all types over the years, good and bad!

We do hope that you gain valuable insight from this site when choosing a table tennis table and that you find the articles and reviews here extremely useful.

Our reviews also contain links to discounted table tennis tables because we scour the internet for the best prices available. We want to make sure that you can find the diamonds hidden amongst all of the confusing information about equipment for this great sport.

If you have any problems, issues or questions about The Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews then please do contact me using the contact page and send me a message!

Have a great day!


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