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How to develop mental resilience in Table Tennis

How to Maintain Mental Toughness in Table Tennis

updated: Mar 17 2023
Table tennis requires mental strength as well as physical skills to beat your opponent. How do you maintain your mental toughness throughout a difficult match? Read our guide on keeping your mind strong during a ping pong competition.
Can The Chinese Be Beaten at Table Tennis?

How To Defeat the Chinese at Table Tennis: Team Secrets Revealed

updated: Mar 17 2023
Beating the Chinese at table tennis may seem like an impossible dream. How can it be done? We take a look. China has long-standing champions in Singles, Doubles in both Men's and Women's teams. However, it can be possible to defeat the Chinese in table tennis if hard work, study, training and discipline are applied to coach the next generation of competitive table tennis players.
Where to play table tennis in downtown Los Angeles

Ping Pong In Los Angeles - The Definitive Guide

updated: Mar 17 2023
Where to play ping pong in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is starting to become a huge hub for Ping Pong bars and table tennis clubs as this table tennis trend takes off around the world. There is no shortage of places to play ping-pong in LA, so we thought that it would be a great idea give you a guide to the City of Angels ping pong club scene.
The history of table tennis we look at who invented ping pong

Who Invented Ping Pong? A Brief History Of Table Tennis

updated: Mar 17 2023

The history of table tennis is a fascinating journey from wiff-waff in English dining rooms to World stadiums at the Olympics. Who Invented table tennis? We answer these questions and more in our brief history of ping pong.

Getting fit with Ping Pong and setting a New Year Resolution goal

Is Ping Pong Good Exercise? The Top Health Benefits Explained

updated: Mar 09 2023

Table tennis is great exercise both for mind and body. You can use ping pong to keep fit alongside other exercise programs and raise your overall activity levels to lose weight and keep your mind sharp. What are thehealth benefits of ping pong? Can I use ping pong to lose weight? Will ping pong increase my mental agility? All these ping pong health questions answered by our resident expert Mark.

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