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Ding Ning the current womens world number 1 table tennis player

How To Defeat the Chinese at Table Tennis: Team Secrets Revealed

Beating the Chinese at table tennis may seem like an impossible dream. How can it be done? We take a look. China has long-standing champions in Singles, Doubles in both Men's and Women's teams. However, it can be possible to defeat the Chinese in table tennis if hard work, study, training and discipline are applied to coach the next generation of competitive table tennis players.

Top Things To Consider When Trading For Table Tennis

The Top 4 Aspects of Physical Training for Table Tennis Players

Physical training is an important part of becoming a great table tennis player, but what are the most important aspects to focus on? We take a look at the top 4 most important aspects of physical training for ping pong players.

The Basic Equipment Needed To Play Ping Pong

Basic Equipment Needed to Play Table Tennis

What is the basic equipment that you need to get started with playing ping pong? Our guide to the very basic table tennis equipment required to go ahead and start to play. A guide to the basics of table tennis equipment, including paddles, blades, rubbers, nets, tables, and ping pong balls.

Extreme mental resilience is required to play ping pong but how?

How to Maintain Mental Toughness in Table Tennis

Table tennis requires mental strength as well as physical skills to beat your opponent. How do you maintain your mental toughness throughout a difficult match? Read our guide on keeping your mind strong during a ping pong competition.

Getting fit with Ping Pong and setting a New Year Resolution goal

Is Ping Pong Good Exercise? The Top Health Benefits Explained

Table tennis is great exercise both for mind and body. You can use ping pong to keep fit alongside other exercise programs and raise your overall activity levels to lose weight and keep your mind sharp. What are thehealth benefits of ping pong? Can I use ping pong to lose weight? Will ping pong increase my mental agility? All these ping pong health questions answered by our resident expert Mark.

Third Ball Attack Ping Pong Tip by Eli Baraty

The Third Ball Attack In Table Tennis - Pro Ping Pong Tips

The Third Ball Attack or Forehand Open Up is one of the most powerful table tennis strategies you can use in your game. Players often forget that table tennis is all about the strategy required to out-smart your opponent. This pro table tennis tip will help you learn all about how to use the Third Ball Attack and win like the pro's!

SPiN Ping Pong Club in Los Angeles

Ping Pong In Los Angeles - The Definitive Guide

Where to play ping pong in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is starting to become a huge hub for Ping Pong bars and table tennis clubs as this table tennis trend takes off around the world. There is no shortage of places to play ping-pong in LA, so we thought that it would be a great idea give you a guide to the City of Angels ping pong club scene.

The Best of Luxury Table Tennis Tables For Home and Den

Luxury Designer Ping Pong Tables - A High End Product Guide

If a premium Ping Pong table is your thing and you need a designer table tennis table with a high-end price tag, then welcome to our comparison guide to help you choose. Killerspin make an Olympic style ping pong table for home use. Choose from among all the luxury ping pong tables available today.

Multi Ball Training in Ping Pong

Multi-Ball Exercise For Table Tennis Players And Coaching Tips

Multi-Ball table tennis training has become widely used in most of the major the table tennis training camps across the world. It originated from China and has been adopted by all the top coaches to improve the players game. In this original multiball ping pong training video we provide a little introduction in to the different techniques that the multi-ball training has to offer and how you can use it in your training program. We hope you enjoy!

Chinese Ping Pong Team in Rio Olympics

What Makes The Chinese So Good At Table Tennis?

Ping Pang Qiu, as the sport is known in Chinese. Why are the Chinese so good at ping-pong? We take an in-depth look at the culture and discipline behined the success of China and it's players at ping pong. The Chinese Table Tennis team have won the Rio Olympics Table Tennis competition in 2016 and are on top of the world, dominating the sport on the international scene.

Ping Pong Tip - Footwork Exercise By Eli Baraty

Ping Pong Footwork Exercise Drills To Improve Fore and Backhand Strokes

Improve footwork in your table tennis with these exercise drills and tips from pro table tennis coach, Eli Baraty. These footwork exercise tips will help develop your forehand and backhand strokes by improving your side-to-side movement.

How To Do A Jab or Punch Serve in Ping Pong

How To Do A Jab or Punch Serve in Table Tennis

In this table tennis coaching video we show you how to do the Jab Serve by Eli Baraty. The Jab or Punch Serve in Table Tennis is one of the hardest serves to master, but once you have, you will become a master and massively develop your game.

Can Ping Pong Improve The Work Environment?

Is A Ping Pong Table Good For The Workplace?

Do you wonder if getting a table tennis table can increase the productivity of your co-workers at the workplace? Many companies think so. Here are the top reasons you should consider getting a ping pong table for your office.

Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews At The London 2012 Olympics

Table Tennis At The Olympics : A London 2012 Retrospective

As we look forward to Olympic table tennis in 2016 here is our Best Table Tennis Tables retrospective replay of how the competition went down in London for the 2012 Olympics.

Top things to look out for when buying a table tennis table

What Should You Consider When Buying A Ping Pong Table?

Advice and guidance on how to choose a ping pong table. Table tennis tables come in all shapes and sizes and the variations can be a little daunting if you are looking to buy one for the first time. We aim to help by providing some points to consider when looking to compare table tennis tables. If you need a ping pong table for home or a club this guide will help you to comare the different types of tables out there so that you can make the right choice.

5 Ways For Beginners To Improve Their Table Tennis Game

5 Ways To Improve Your Table Tennis Game For Beginners

Improving your table tennis game as a beginner can be easy and fun. This is our easy guide for beginners of simple things that you can practice at Ping Pong which will help you get better in no time.

How To Do A Pendulum Serve in Ping Pong by Eli Baraty

How To Do A Side Spin Pendulum Serve In Table Tennis

Best table tennis tables brings you a How To Do A Side Spin Pendulum Serve In Table Tennis tutorial coaching video. This is a very important serve that will form part of your table tennis game as it allows you to deceive the player when using this serve. This serve will confuse your opponent and give them a hard time returning the ball. Giving you the server an opportunity to win the point.

How To Do A Backspin Serve In Ping Pong - Part 2

The Table Tennis Backspin Serve Advanced Coaching Video

The table tennis backspin serve is one of the special serves to master in Ping Pong. This advanced coaching video from Eli Baraty will help you develop a killer backspin serve to improve your game.

How To Do A Backhand Drive In Table Tennis - Ping Pong coaching tips by Eli Baraty

How To Do A Backhand Drive In Table Tennis

Welcome to another in our series of professional table tennis coaching videos with Eli Baraty - how to do a backhand drive. The backhand drive stroke in ping pong is one of the most effective strokes you can use. Eli Baraty is a top table tennis coach and demonstrates how to do a backhand drive stroke to help you improve your game.

How To Do A Forehand Drive In Table Tennis - Ping Pong Tutorial Video With Eli Baraty

How To Do A Forehand Drive In Table Tennis

Coaching video with Eli Baraty on how to do a forehand drive. In table tennis, there are several basic strokes that you need to master and the forehand drive is one of them. Watch this tutorial video to improve your ping pong game.

How to Do A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis

How To Do A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis

A question we are often asked is "how do I do a backspin serve?". This "how to" video tutorial from professional table tennis coach, Eli Baraty reveals the tricks and tips you need to do the backspin serve. Confuse your opponent and win the points by using this backspin serve!

The history of table tennis we look at who invented ping pong

Who Invented Ping Pong? A Brief History Of Table Tennis

The history of table tennis is a fascinating journey from wiff-waff in English dining rooms to World stadiums at the Olympics. Who Invented table tennis? We answer these questions and more in our brief history of ping pong.

5 Table Tennis tricks for beginners - Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews

5 Of The Best Table Tennis Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Novice ping pong players who are just starting out on their table tennis adventure often need a little guidance. I thought it would be a good idea to help you on your table tennis journey with my top 5 table tennis tips for beginners.

Table tennis rules - our handy guide to ping pong rules

A Guide To The Official Rules Of Table Tennis

A handy guide to the most important Ping Pong Rules. The Table Tennis Federation rules are laid out very clearly and our guide will get you started if you are a novice in the game.

Table tennis club - close shot

Grow Your Talent With A Local Table Tennis Club

Finding a local table tennis club to play ping pong? There are many benefits to joining a local ping pong club. You will get exposure and meet other players at all levels with different styles that you would play against if you were playing in local and nation leagues. Read our guide on what to expect when joining a local table tennis club.

How To Do A Table Tennis Serve By Eli Baraty

How To Do A Table Tennis Serve?

A step by step guide for 3 basic Ping Pong serve tips for being able to do great table tennis serves. Learning how to do a good table tennis serve takes a bit of time and practise when you're just starting out so use our guide to serve a ball in ping pong!

Compare The Top 5 Table Tennis Tables for Kids Reviews

Compare The Top 5 Ping Pong Tables for Teens and Growing Kids

Compare and review the top 5 best selling table tennis tables for teens and growing kids. These are the best cost-effective full-sized ping pong tables for teenagers and growing kids. Buy a budget table tennis table to keep your teens occupied with tables that will grow with them and are good for maximum leisure and ping pong playtime fun!

What To Look For When Comparing Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

How To Compare The Best Table Tennis Tables For Outdoors

The best outdoor table tennis tables are often hard to compare. In our handy guide we review features of the top table tennis tables for outdoors to help you understand what to look for and choose the best one.

How to compare and choose the best table tennis tables review

How To Compare The Best Table Tennis Tables

What to look for when comparing the best table tennis table for your particular need. Whether indoor or outdoor, full size or kids table tennis table, our buyers guide is here to help you choose the best one,

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