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How To Do A Backspin Serve In Ping Pong - Part 2

OK Ping Pong party people, Best Table Tennis Tables continue to produce coaching video content for our Ping Pong Master Series.

These training videos are produced alongside Eli Baraty, a leading Table Tennis coach from The Harefield Academy.

Eli Baraty is very well know on the table tennis circuit and is considered to be one of the UK's best table tennis coaches in the UK.

Eli professionally coaches many ranked England players, so we are very excited to be collaborating with him on these videos.

Why Have We Produced A Backspin Serve - Part 2?

Personally speaking, this is one of my favourite serves and we felt that it needed a more in-depth explanation than the first Backspin Serve part 1 video.

This serve is so effective that it deserves more discussion around the specifics of the technique and to help you get the most out of it.

In part 2 of the How To Do A Backspin Serve we cover four different topics:

1 The Stance

How to stand with this serve is important so you are able to gain momentum by twisting the hips.

Stance is also important when it comes to footwork in table tennis. It's a very fast game and being able to pivot around on your legs is so important when reacting to the returning ball.

I would say that stance, or how you stand is critical to producing an effective serve and being reading to return the ball once you have served it.

Check out what Eli Baraty has to say here. It's great stuff.

2 The Grip

Holding the paddle or table tennis bat when doing the Backspin serve is very different from other serves.

This is a key factor, because this allows you to get a flick-of-the-wrist action going.

The helps massively when producing backspin to the ball.

A good backspin on the ball is what we want to produce an effective serve.

3 Ball Toss / Throwing Of the Ball

Ball toss and throwing the ball up in the air is a really important factor of the serve.

We show you the different effects you can get with different throws, gaining different velocity with each type of throw.

4 Ball Placement For The Serve

When serving, it's important to observe where you place the ball on the opponent's side of the table.

As you can serve the ball with different outcomes giving your opponent a hard time guessing what kind of serve you will be giving them.

When learning these combined techniques you will be able to get a lot of backspin on the ball and provide a hard return for your opponent.

Overall you will be able to raise your standard and improve your game.

By using these tools, tricks, tips and knowledge you will soon be mastering the backspin serve.

It will become a great technique to add to the range of serves you will have in your ping-pong toolbox.

Below we have provided a video which gives you an overview of the Table Tennis Backspin Serve and shows examples of how to do the serve properly.

It's one thing reading about it, but we feel to actually watch, learn and practice is the best way to develop in a sport like table tennis.

It's also very important to get a coach if you are serious about stepping up your game.

Eli Baraty is a great coach UKbased and he will be very happy to help out if you needed personal coaching time and tips to help improve your game.

A Final Thought On The Backspin Serve

This ping-pong serve makes you look like a complete pro and your friends will be seriously impressed.

I'm not saying I've ever impressed anyone of the opposite sex with this serve, but I've come pretty close to getting a smile...


The Backspin  Serve:

You want to try and stand on the backhand side predominantly, because you can get your backhand and forehand in a lot easier.

Also when you're having your stance you want to have your right leg forward if you're right-handed or your left leg forward if you're left-handed.

This enables you to twist your body in to the serve gaining more speed and spin.

The grip. You can have many different variation of the grip, you can hold it loose, you can hold it only with your thumb and finger if you want  or you can full grip it's your choice.

You have to try and experiment to find the best solution for yourself.

I tend to have a little loose grip, so I can conk my wrist back a little bit more and get as much backspin as possible.

The last thing I do is, I change my toss, my ball toss, it can go high or low.

If it goes high obviously when the ball comes down I get a lot more velocity on the ball gaining more spin and if I chuck it a little bit lower and I gain a little bit less spin with the same actions.

So I get two different serves with two different ball tosses.

It looks a little bit like this. (Eli serves a couple of times so we can see the examples.)

What you can see is, as soon as I've contacted the ball, it travels very low over the net.

If you can keep it low over the net, the opponent has to try and kind of scoop the ball up.

Once they have scooped it up then you're able to get in with an attacking shot.

The other thing you want to think about which is very, very important is where you place the ball.

You want to try and place it in three different spots. Short ones and long ones.

Therefore the person, if he has a weak backhand and you're serving to the backhand side then hopefully you will get a weak return.

If they got a strong forehand return and you're serving to the forehand and you're able to serve to the backhand then you can change it and then hopefully get a weaker return.

hope that helps you.   

The presenting and coaching was by Eli Baraty of the Harefield Academy and the video was produced by Mark Kemp from MK Productions

Thank you for following our Ping Pong Master Coaching Videos Series from the Best Table Tennis Tables, we hope to see you soon! 

How To Do The Advanced Back Spin Serve In Table Tennis [Video]

How to do a Backspin serve in Table Tennis - Part 2 by Eli Baraty - Table Tennis coaching tips

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